Reduce Asthma Symptoms by Improving Your Home Ventilation

Air and water. They’re the most essential elements we need to live. So why do we think so little about what we’re breathing?

DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems are proudly recognised by Asthma New Zealand. A DVS ventilation system can reduce exposure to triggers and subsequently the symptoms. Common causes of asthma and allergies include excess moisture and condensation, dust mites, mould, mildew and airborne mould spores. 

More Information: Sensitive Choice: Key Australian Asthma and Allergy Information (PDF Download).


Two million Australians suffer from asthma.

Asthma Triggers

  • Allergens are triggers of asthma.

  • Cold and damp homes exacerbate asthma and are more likely to contain mould spores.

  • Mould spores are dangerous to you and your family’s health and are an equally dangerous trigger of asthma.

  • Dust mite excreta is one of the most common asthma triggers. Dust mites are microscopic tick like arachnids typically found in damp environments. Dead dust mites and dust mite excreta can make up 10% of a 2 year old pillow’s weight.

Ventilation Solutions

Fresh Ventilation recommends and installs DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems to provide relief for asthma sufferers because:

  • DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems use natural wool filters with Helix technology used by NASA to protect astronauts.

  • The Helix technology is able to remove allergens, pollen, harmful dust, toxic gases, bacteria and other asthma triggers from the air that is distributed into your home.

  • Air cannot bypass the filter, which means that air entering your home has all been filtered by Helix technology.

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