Get Rid of Sticky Heat with a Home Ventilation System

As the sun sets, the air outside your home cools rapidly. Generally, this is also when your windows are closed to prevent pests from entering, but unfortunately it also traps heat indoors.

Thankfully, the dropping outside temperature also causes the air in your roof cavity to cool more quickly than the air inside your home.

Cooling a Hot, Sticky Home

Reducing the relative humidity in your home by circulating cool night time air means that you can sleep more comfortably.

Ventilation Solutions

Fresh Ventilation recommends and installs DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems to cool hot, sticky homes because:

  • A DVS EC Connect home ventilation system will circulate filtered fresh air to every room of your home for the cost of running a light bulb.

  • Running a standard size DVS EC Connect home ventilation system all year round costs less than $5 per month. In contrast, running a traditional heater or reverse cycle air conditioner to increase or decrease the temperature by the same amount can cost significantly more.

Fresh Ventilation also recommends and installs DVS Automatic Summer Ventilation Addons to cool hot, sticky homes because:

  • A continuous supply of fresh, filtered air is drawn from outside of the roof space when the roof space itself becomes too hot. This allows you to make better use of your DVS system during summer, ventilating with fresh air when you’re not home to open the windows.

DVS Proprietary Diffusers

The diffusers of DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems are significantly different to those used by competing ventilation systems:

  • Exclusive and proprietary draught reducing diffusers.

  • Moving air over the thermal mass of your home is essential for proper ventilation and effective heating and cooling. Competing ventilation systems use ‘cone’ shaped diffusers to blow air downwards, resulting in draughts, hot and cold patches, and air that quickly dissipates when the ventilation system is no longer running.

  • DVS’ patented design is specially shaped to push air along the ceiling and down the walls for maximum reach in every corner of every room in your home.

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