Have a Fresher, Cleaner and Odour Free Home by Improving Your Home Ventilation

Cooking smells, musty wardrobes and basements, pet odours and chemicals used for cleaning are pretty off-putting and not particularly healthy.

Getting clean, fresh air in regularly through your home with proper ventilation will help greatly with lingering smells, flushing out the stale, contaminated air along with the nasty odours.

Fresh Air In, Odours Out

Australian homeowners are increasingly keeping their windows closed due to noise, pollution and security. This reduces healthy natural ventilation and can increase the inhalation of harmful pollutants and respirable dust.

Modern homes are well insulated and sealed tight to increase energy efficiency, but are more likely to have poor ventilation because they cannot breathe. Opening doors and windows is not always practical and does not provide adequate ventilation, which needs movement and exchange of air.

Off-gassing of paints, floor coverings and building materials creates an unhealthy environment indoors. In fact, the air inside our home is 4 times more polluted than the air outside our home, meaning that 50% of toxic substances we are exposed to will come from inside our homes.

Pollutants in our homes range from carbon dioxide (from breathing), carbon monoxide (from cooking and unflued gas heaters), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde (from building materials), mould, pollen and dust mites.

Ventilation Solutions

Fresh Ventilation recommends and installs DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems to significantly improve indoor air quality because:

  • DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems use natural wool filters with Helix technology used by NASA to protect astronauts.

  • The Helix technology is able to remove allergens, pollen, harmful dust, toxic gases, bacteria and other pollutants from the air that is distributed into your home.

  • Air cannot bypass the filter, which means the air entering your home has all been filtered by Helix technology.

  • Positive pressure ventilation acts to expel vehicle pollution, black mould, mould spores, harmful dust, organic dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, radon gas, musty odours and cooking smells from your home.

  • DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems use powerful EC motors with more air flow than other similar ventilation systems.

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