150mm EC Motor Centrifugal Fans

4V (40% Speed) 6V (60% Speed) 8V (80% Speed) 10V (100% Speed)
Maximum Absorbed Power 10 W 24 W 49 W 83 W
Maximum Delivery
310 m³/h
445 m³/h
580 m³/h
735 m³/h
Pressure Max 91 Pa 188 Pa 319 Pa 450 Pa
RPM 1,500 2,150 2,800 3,530



 Features Dimensions
Plug and play operation in a standard power point or socket outlet.

342mm width (normal profile)

340mm width (low profile)

Variable speed.

342mm height (normal profile)

217mm height (low profile)

Extremely low noise during operation.

336mm length (normal profile)

310mm length (low profile)

Can be silent at reduced fan speeds during operation.

152mm duct attachment flange diameter (normal profile)

150mm duct attachment flange diameter (low profile)

R3G190 motor manufactured by ebm-papst in Germany.
5 year warranty.
IP 54 protection rating.