Fresh Ventilation in South Queensland

Whether you are looking for mould solutions in the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Brisbane or Toowoomba, we can help with advice and installation support to bring you affordable efficient ventilation solutions. Right across Queensland we can help with supply and installation.

Our Queensland team covers a large area from Noosa, the South East, Darling Downs, the South West, and Wide Bay-Burnett regions. It doesn’t matter where the mould is growing in the home, bathroom, roof cavity or sub floor area. We can help with our many different ventilations systems, including: MHRV, bathroom exhaust fans, roof ventilation and sub floor ventilation. All ventilation systems are designed to create the right amount of airflow, reduce humidity and address musty odours, condensation, mildew and dampness.

The property market is moving fast, especially in Inner Brisbane, Northern Brisbane and Southern Brisbane. Have you recently had a building and pest inspection report done? Did it say sub floor ventilation was inadequate? Would you like to get a quote for improving the sub floor ventilation before you purchase the property? Touch base with us and within hours let us help you to get a quote.

Do you suffer from hay fever, asthma, dust mite allergies and/or eczema? Is your home always dusty? The triggers may vary from Eastern Brisbane to Theodore but the results are the same: less energy and constant suffering. Fresh Ventilation helps hundreds of customers every year to breathe easier with efficient, affordable and durable solutions tailored to their homes.

Construction is everywhere in Yarraman, Dalby, Western Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Building a new home? Making a home well insulated and tight is the new way in construction design. Make sure the ventilation in your new build isn’t left behind. Fresh Ventilation have European heat recovery MHRV/HRV/ERV systems that can ensure your tight build will not be a stuffy home with a damp problem. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for ventilation and made people aware that home ventilation is very poor. Customers are now seeing the value and preferring homes with mechanical ventilation and medical grade filtration.


Why Choose Fresh Ventilation?

Fresh Ventilation understands that you are only as good as your last installation. Importantly, our partners hold these same values and are experts who are well-trained, highly-skilled and experienced in the ventilation industry. They are honest, approachable and practice high quality workmanship in all jobs undertaken. We offer only the best, well-designed and affordable ventilation systems from South Brisbane to Noosa Heads for all homeowners.

If you have decided to have a ventilation system installed in your home or if you need help in eradicating mould, call Fresh Ventilation immediately. We are always ready to help.