What Happened to HRV Ventilation in Australia?

In 2020, HRV New Zealand made the decision to no longer operate directly with customers in Australia. The HRV Australia website is now closed, with the following message displayed on the homepage:

If you have any queries, please contact your installer in the first instance to act on our behalf.

Thankfully, a technologically advanced and vastly improved alternative is now available in the Australian market. Keep reading if you’re interested to find out more.

Who Should I Contact Locally if I Need Assistance with My HRV Ventilation System?

Fresh Ventilation is a family business owned and operated by Claire and Cameron Grant. We are based in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

We have been in business since 2009, formerly trading as Fresh VHC – Ventilation, Heating & Cooling. We started as resellers of the HRV range of ventilation products, but our business quickly grew to include all other forms of ventilation, including sub floor ventilation.

In 2021 we are excited to bring the DVS range of ventilation products to Australia for the first time, and with them, a new name and website – Fresh Ventilation.

We would be happy to help you with any HRV related enquiries. We invite you to call us on 02 4855 1025.

HRV Reseller

Should I Be Concerned?

Absolutely not. Unlike another major player in the Australian home ventilation industry, HRV have not cut ties with their existing customer base. For the life of your HRV home ventilation system, HRV New Zealand will continue to:

  • Provide genuine HRV replacement filters to authorised resellers such as Fresh Ventilation.
  • Provide genuine HRV spare parts to authorised resellers such as Fresh Ventilation.
  • Warrant their systems for at least the original warranty period through authorised resellers such as Fresh Ventilation.

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Warranty/Non-Warranty Support

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Where Can I Find a Manual for My HRV Home Ventilation System?

  • Click Here to download a User Manual for the HRV Touchscreen Controller.
  • Click Here to download a User Manual for the HRV LCD Controller.
  • Click Here to download a User Manual for the HRV LED Controller.

Invest In Your Family’s Health with a DVS Home Ventilation System

The Heart of a Healthy Home.

New for 2021, Fresh Ventilation are excited to bring DVS home ventilation products to the Australian market for the first time. DVS are known for their class-leading innovation and technologically advanced ventilation systems.

For more than two decades DVS have been making homes healthier and more comfortable to live in.

Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning all contribute to making your home feel healthy, but something that is often overlooked is at the very heart of a healthy home – Ventilation.

DVS Home Ventilation Systems

Home ventilation systems manufactured by DVS use advanced technology (such as EC motors and Wi-Fi connectivity) to gently introduce cleaner, drier, filtered air from the roof space or from outside your home. Home ventilation systems significantly reduce problems like crying windows, mould and mildew, which are key triggers for asthma and allergies.

In winter, good air circulation and home heating are essential for maintaining air quality. A home ventilation system from DVS removes the excess damp, moisture-filled air and improves the overall air quality inside the house, making it much healthier for you and your family. And, once it’s installed, a DVS ventilation system costs from just eight cents a day to run, making it a good investment for not only the well-being of your family but also the value of your home.

We are proud to offer the latest range of premium DVS products, including positive pressure heat recovery home ventilation systems (HRV), balanced pressure energy recovery home ventilation systems (ERV), summertime cooling addons, integrated heat transfer addons, and a range of advanced filtration technologies.

Why DVS?

DVS home ventilation systems are the most advanced ventilation systems in the Australian market.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • Made in New Zealand.
  • German made EC motors by ebm-papst.
  • Intuitive touchscreen controller with Wi-Fi connectivity and futureproof automatic firmware updates.
  • Temperature sensors in every fan so that they can operate independently of each other.
  • Humidity sensors in every fan so that they can operate independently of each other.
  • Optional CO2 sensors that automatically increase ventilation when it is needed.
  • Temperature sensors outside when optional summer ventilation is installed.
  • 7 day logging of temperature, humidity, CO2 and fan speeds.
  • Clever addon upgrades that are more advanced than anything else in the Australian market.
  • Custom Logic that allows near endless customisation to suit your specific needs and the intricacies of your home.
  • Custom moulded DVS diffusers that are both attractive and designed specifically for ventilation.
  • 5 years warranty backed both by DVS on their product and Fresh Ventilation on our installation.
DVS Logo
5 Year Warranty

DVS EC Premium Connect Home Ventilation System

The DVS EC Premium Connect is a superior positive pressure ventilation system. Featuring the latest ventilation technology from DVS, you can now control your home’s humidity, temperature and air quality from a fingertip. Enjoy the benefits of a drier and healthier home now with our EC Premium Connect model.

The DVS EC Premium Connect is an enhanced positive pressure ventilation system and is designed to keep your home dry and healthy with minimal user input.

The ventilation system features a wireless CO2 sensor, which continually monitors the level of carbon dioxide in your home. When CO2 reaches an unhealthy level, the ventilation system will instantly increase the level of fresh air delivered into your home – helping to keep you and your family healthier all year round.

Thanks to its heat retention and heat recovery functionalities this ventilation system adapts to the ambient temperature. If the supplied air temperature is warmer than your home, free warmth will be transferred into your living areas up to your desired temperature. If the supply air is colder than your house (such as winter evenings), the fan speed can be slowed down to keep the home as close as possible to your desired temperature.

The humidity sensing function monitors humidity in the supply air and inside your home, ensuring your home will only be ventilated with air that helps make it healthier and drier.

DVS EC Premium Connect Diagram

New Zealand Designed and Manufactured – Internet Connected Home Ventilation Systems

DVS EC Premium Connect systems can be connected to your home Wi-Fi router. This means when they make improvements to the system software we are able to send them to you without the need for a potentially costly service visit.

The combined technology, connect-ability, and features available from the DVS EC Connect range of home ventilation system cannot be compared.

How Does it Work?

A quality German-made energy-efficient EC fan quietly takes the drier, fresher air from your roof space or from outside your home and draws it through a high efficiency air filter, tested to international standards. The fresher, filtered air is then gently pushed into your home through the DVS patented ceiling diffusers. The incoming air is directed along the ceilings where it mixes with warmer air and spreads evenly through the home. Put simply, it creates a positive pressure inside your home that ‘pushes out’ the stale, unhealthy air.

Humidity Sensing and Control

The humidity sensitive control function constantly monitors humidity levels inside your home and in the air supply. Automatically adjusting to ensure that only air which will keep your house healthier and drier is introduced.

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensing and Control

Closed windows trap air filled with contaminants and carbon dioxide that cause discomfort, fatigue, and lack of focus and can make your in-home climate unhealthy.

The DVS EC Connect range constantly monitors carbon dioxide levels. When the carbon dioxide reaches an unhealthy level, the system automatically increases the level of fresh air being introduced into your home. This minimises any risk brought on by having too much carbon dioxide in your air, and is also great for getting a good and refreshing night’s sleep.

The CO2 sensors are a remote wireless device and can be positioned in up to four places in your home.

Temperature Sensing and Control

The temperature sensing function allows the DVS EC Premium Connect positive pressure home ventilation system to react to differences in air temperature (comparing the air supply to the air inside of the home). Adjusting the air supply automatically to make the best use of free warmth when it is available and then slowing to a minimum ventilation rate when the air is cooler. You are able to adjust the aggressiveness of the system according to what you want to achieve with your DVS.

Operating Your DVS EC Premium Connect System

Your DVS EC Premium Connect System represents the latest in positive pressure home ventilation technology. The large easy to read touch screen allows you to see what is happening with your system and to make adjustments if you need to. The system is also able to be connected to your home internet to allow trouble free, automatic downloads of software improvements.

Click Here to download a User Manual for the EC Premium Connect Wi-Fi controller.

DVS Controller

The controller offers personal control of your home environment, all through an easy, simple to use interface. Your system will be configured for you, and the airflow and settings individually calibrated to the size of your home to run automatically. However, you are able to easily adjust the system functions or fine tune the fan speed to better suit your needs or use the Fan Boost option for clearing the house of extra moisture or smells.

The EC Connect controllers are Wi-Fi capable and can be connected to your home internet. This allows you to download any software updates DVS make available when they are improving their systems.

DVS EC Premium Connect Panel