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Automatic Summer Ventilation Addon

This component is an add-on for the DVS EC Premium Connect System and the DVS EC Reclaim Connect System.

A continuous supply of fresh, filtered air is drawn from outside of the roof space when the roof space itself becomes too hot. This allows you to make better use of your DVS system during summer, ventilating with fresh air when you’re not home to open the windows.

Integrated Heat Transfer Addon

This component is an addon for the DVS EC Premium Connect System.

Make the best use of heat you have already paid for! The DVS Integrated Heat Transfer Addon combines positive pressure ventilation technology with your current heating system creating supplementary heating for other rooms in your home.

The addon is designed to circulate the air from a room with a good heat source, for example, a wood burner in the living room, to other targeted rooms in the house such as bedrooms.

DVS have combined their ultimate positive pressure ventilation system with their heat transfer system, so you can enjoy the benefits of a drier and warmer home all at once. An integrated home ventilation system provides the best of both worlds: it will ventilate your home with fresh, filtered air; and switch to a heat transfer system when you need to warm up the colder rooms of your home.

Not to mention that thanks to the new and improved ventilation technology, you now have control over moisture, humidity and CO2 levels in your home. The advanced CO2 sensor automatically adapts the ventilation system’s airflow to deliver more clean, filtered air into your home when you need it the most. Ensuring your home is a healthy haven for you and your family at all times.

Sub Floor Ventilation Addon

This component is an addon for the DVS EC Premium Connect System and the DVS EC Reclaim Connect System.

Many pest and building inspectors recommend sub floor ventilation to reduce termite risk.  These systems are very effective in homes that experience a continuing musty odour or where there is mould on shoes and clothes in wardrobes or on furniture in living spaces.

The DVS Sub Floor Ventilation Addon uses premium EC motor centrifugal fans made by ebm-papst in Germany. In real world use, EC motors provide higher air flow, less noise, smoother fan operation, and substantially lower power consumption.

The following benefits make this the most advanced sub floor ventilation system available:

Automated control from an intuitive touchscreen controller inside your home with Wi-Fi connectivity and futureproof automatic firmware updates.

Automated timer operation.

Custom Logic that allows near endless customisation to suit your specific needs and the intricacies of your home.

5 years warranty backed both by DVS on their product and Fresh Ventilation on our installation.

Please Click Here if you are looking for more information about sub floor ventilation, or a standalone subfloor ventilation system.

Air Filters

This component is an addon for the DVS EC Premium Connect System and the DVS EC Reclaim Connect System.

DVS air filters are necessary to ensure the long life and effective operation of your DVS system. DVS air filters meet international air filter standards.

DVS Standard Helix Wool Filter

Natural clean air technology made using New Zealand Wool. The MERV15 Helix filter is kinder to the environment and provides superior filtration. The patented Helix filter technology actively cleans the air to remove even the very small particles and airborne pollutants, which other filters may not remove. Resulting in cleaner air for you and your home.

Made Using New Zealand Wool

Scientifically developed by Lanaco, in New Zealand, using wool grown in New Zealand to create advanced filtration systems that enable you to enjoy healthier, safer air.

Lanaco’s Helix technology is so trustworthy it has been selected by NASA to protect astronauts in their next voyage to the moon. So, the same technology used in critical life support systems in space is found in the latest generation of DVS filters.

The Best of New Zealand Innovation

DVS’ new standard filter with Helix technology uses natural wool fibres, the world’s most positively charged fibre, to act as a magnet and capture those minute dust particles and airborne contaminants.

In fact, the new Helix wool filter is more than 99% efficient at 2.5 microns.

Its superior performance won’t affect the airflow of your system, keeping your fan working at the most efficient, and cost effective speed.

The chart attached shows comparison with other filter technologies illustrating how hard a fan needs to work for the desired result.

The DVS Standard Wool Filter with Helix technology delivers world class-leading performance with a lower environmental footprint.

Caring for the Environment

DVS created their latest filter using Helix technology with their customers and planet in mind, leading with science and sustainability.

Their new filter technology is made using biodegradable wool fibres making it more environmentally sustainable and better for our planet.

DVS have always offered their filters as an easy DIY option for customers wanting to change their own filter, which is why they have utilised a filter pocket design.

Progressing to Helix filtration has allowed DVS to retain a filter pocket design whilst at the same time increasing filtration efficiency: a win-win for our customers and our planet.

Benefits of Helix Filter Technology
  • Class-leading particle capture performance: Harmful particles are captured via the exceptional electrostatic capabilities of Helix MERV15 filters. This same technology has been scientifically developed for industrial, medical and respiratory health sectors.
  • Extremely breathable and super easy air flow: The Helix filter matrix offers superb breathability and much lower air flow resistance supporting a lower energy usage whilst still ensuring high particle removal.
  • Bacteria resistant: Wool fibres within Helix filters naturally resist and reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes on the fibre surface.
  • Natural way to reduce toxins: Natural wool fibres within Helix filters have an affinity for toxic vapours, safely and permanently eliminating them from the air.
  • Safer against fire: Natural wool fibres within Helix filters increase the flame retardancy, ensuring a safer filter in a compromised environment.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Helix filters all contain naturally biodegradable wool fibres making it more environmentally sustainable and better for our planet.

DVS Hybrid Helix Carbon Filter

Do you live in an area that always seems to have a bad smell? The carbon filter is the one for you. Known as the smell stopper, it is perfect for reducing odours that come from surrounding environments before entering the home.

A hybrid carbon filter featuring Helix technology.  Suitable for use with all DVS ventilation systems.

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Fitting Guides

DVS filters are easy to install so when they need to be replaced (once a year), you can choose to change them yourself or, for a small fee, we can do it for you.

Click Here for a DIY filter fitting guide.


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