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Fresh Ventilation X-Stream Exhaust Fan: The Ultimate Bathroom Ventilation Solution

Fresh Ventilation X-Stream Exhaust Fan: The Ultimate Bathroom Ventilation Solution

In the pursuit of optimal indoor air quality and mould prevention, Fresh Ventilation's X-Stream ducted centrifugal bathroom fan is a pioneering solution in bathroom ventilation. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability sets the X-Stream apart in the market, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. This comprehensive overview details the unique advantages of the X-Stream system, demonstrating why it's the premium choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

Australian-Made Duct and Fittings: A Commitment to Quality

Central to the X-Stream's exceptional performance is our continued insistence on only using Australian-made duct and fittings. This commitment not only supports local industry but also ensures that each component of our ventilation system meets the highest standards of quality and durability. The X-Stream ductwork is crafted from a double-layered, food-grade metallised PET, specifically engineered to inhibit mould growth, marking it as the only product on the Australian market made using such high-quality material.

V-Flex Duct

Australian Injection Moulded Fan Housings with German ebm-papst Motors: Precision Engineered for Superior Performance

The X-Stream fan's housing is custom injection moulded in Melbourne for us in Fresh Ventilation green, showcasing our commitment to Australian manufacturing and precision engineering. At the heart of our system lies the German-engineered (and made) ebm-papst motor, renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Whether opting for our AC model, with a capacity of 540m3/h and maximum pressure difference of 353pa, or the more powerful EC model, capable of an impressive 735m3/h and 825pa, the X-Stream offers unmatched ventilation performance.

Versatile Installation and Aesthetic Options

Recognising the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, the X-Stream fan boasts an inline design that allows for direct installation over the shower head, targeting moisture extraction at its source.

Our X-Stream kit is available with two elegant standard grille designs to seamlessly integrate into any bathroom aesthetic: a sophisticated white metal square egg crate style and a sleek, modern round plastic style. For those upgrading or retrofitting their existing systems, we offer a diverse selection of grille options crafted to effortlessly accommodate the space left by former exhaust fans, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

White Metal Egg Crate Grille

DVS Flat Diffuser

Included in our standard kit is a durable plastic louvre grill, meticulously designed for efficient external exhaust venting through the eaves. For properties in bushfire-prone areas, we provide the option to upgrade to a BAL-40 rated stainless steel eave vent, offering enhanced protection without compromising on style or functionality.

White Louvre Grille

Bush Fire Grilles

Additionally, we cater to all installation scenarios with our versatile range of venting solutions, including wall-mounted vents for when facade integration is preferred, available also with BAL-40 certification for added peace of mind. For homes requiring exhaust via a roof penetration, our collection includes various roof cowls, ensuring optimal performance even when roof penetration is the only viable option.

Low Profile Roof Cowl

Quiet Operation and Energy Efficiency

In today's eco-conscious world, the X-Stream stands out for its quiet operation and low energy consumption, challenging the conventional trade-off between power and efficiency. Our fans boast extreme pressure curves, significantly outperforming other models on the market by offering superior extraction capabilities without the noise or high energy costs.

A Case Study in Excellence: Overcoming Ventilation Challenges

Rather than simply selling products, our emphasis has always been on customer education and explaining our thought processes to confirm our understanding of a customer's issues. This way we actually solve ventilation issues.. the first time.. properly!

This was recently demonstrated through our work with a customer who had been dissatisfied with a competing product supplied by his electrician because it was cheaper, the Fantech Trade Rapid Response 250. The inadequacy of this system (airflow up to 288m3/h and a maximum pressure difference of 150pa), particularly in a uniquely designed bathroom with significant airflow resistance, had led to poor performance and extensive mould growth.

Upon assessing the situation, we observed the distinct configuration of the bathroom: a spacious area where the bath and shower were enclosed behind a glass partition, effectively segregating them from the rest of the bathroom. The entrance to this enclosed section featured a floor to ceiling door (with minimal gaps), and the existing fan was located on the bath/shower side of the partition. This setup alone would have choked the Rapid Response 250, as it's likely already exceeding the 150pa capacity of the fan. Additionally, further resistance would have come from the main bathroom door (if closed) and the fan's installation factors, such as the use of flexible ducting and external grille selection.

Our customer quickly agreed that the X-Stream's higher pressure capabilities (up to 353pa and 825pa) and superior airflow (540m3/h and 735m3/h) offered the necessary performance to overcome the challenges presented by the bathroom's design and the existing inadequate system. The customer ultimately chose the X-Stream EC fan kit for its exceptional 735m3/h and 825pa performance - we joked that it would likely open the glass door a little if it needed more airflow than it was getting!

EC Fan Pressure Curve

To further protect the bathroom from humidity issues, we recommended the addition of a LUNOS Silvento smart exhaust fan to the main section of the bathroom which is accessed via entry from a walk-in-robe. The LUNOS Silvento operates silently, continuously exhausting a small amount of air (15m3/h) and automatically ramping up to 90m3/h when humidity spikes are detected. The Silvento is an ultra-stylish German made fan, and uses a smaller version of our EC centrifugal motor from ebm-papst (this time with a pressure difference up to 400pa). This solution, coupled with the X-Stream EC fan, provided a comprehensive approach to moisture control, preventing mould growth and ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

Why Choose the Fresh Ventilation X-Stream Exhaust Fan?

The Fresh Ventilation X-Stream ducted centrifugal bathroom fan represents the pinnacle of ventilation technology, combining Australian-made quality, precision engineering, and environmental sustainability. Its superior performance, versatility in installation and design, along with its quiet and efficient operation, make it the unequivocal choice for those seeking the best in bathroom ventilation. By selecting the X-Stream, customers not only invest in a superior product but also support Australian manufacturing and innovation.

Embrace the Fresh Ventilation X-Stream for your bathroom ventilation needs and experience the difference in air quality, mould prevention, and energy efficiency.

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