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Based on 276 reviews
Green Duct (Insulated)
Alan Meharry (WA)
Good service

Very helpful, I'm very happy with both the products and service provided. Thank you, I recommend this company to all.

Great product

Ron Lamari

I even shopped in Europe to find this magic timer and I had it in my back yard. I purchased two just purchased another two. Very happy.

Ventilation Design - Good Service & Great Delivery


My experience with Fresh Ventilation was extremely easy.
I have an upstairs bathroom + downstairs laundry & bathroom, I gave them a diagram of the layout & they worked out what In-Line Fans & associated gear I needed & advised how we should install it.
I placed the order on Wednesday & told them I really wanted to install on the weekend the next day the gear arrived.
I have 2 lower level fans going through a splitter to the external SS vent with the laundry run being about 8m and bathroom at about 5m, when either of the fans are on there is a solid amount of air flow coming out the vent.
I believe the money we spent provides a real ventilation solution, I think our days of cleaning mould off the laundry ceiling during clothes dryer season are all gone.
A big thankyou to the Fresh Ventilation team.

Tony J (Bilgola Plateau)

Delivery of 4 'Hooded Circular Stainless Steel vents'

Very happy, the goods arrived about 5 working days after the order was placed.
Arrived in southern suburbs of Adelaide on our front door.
Thank you

Great system.

Couldn’t be happier. The service was perfect, the system is great. I’ve been showing colleagues and family/friends the new setup.

Highly recommend.


The team at Fresh Ventilation were brilliant in sharing their knowledge and expertise for the design of our HRV system. The manner in which they explained the concepts and rationale for design choices was well articulated and considerate. Highly recommend.

Looks like a good quality fan 👍

Arrived quickly easy to install, I’m a fan 🪭

Fast shipping quality products 👍

Nice quality fan and vent cover, but after installation I discovered that the stainless steel flaps on the particular vent I purchased, restricted airflow. As my vent is not in sight or affected by bushfire risk, I simply removed the flaps. The mesh still prevents bugs from entering.

Good service

Good service

Replacement Air Filters for Zehnder ComfoAir Q350/Q450/Q600

Great Service, easy installation. Big improvement to the bathroom exhaust.

After replacing the old exhaust fan with the Fresh Ventilation fan the Bathroom exhaust has improved a lot to what we had. Thanks for all your help and answering all my questions. Would Recommended this product to others.

Thanks Bernie,

We're glad we were able to help you out.

Bush Fire Rated Eave Vent
Firestarter (WA)

Noice, sick as man can't wait to burn me house down to try dem out man

Haha. We hope you don't go that far!

Duct Hanging Tape
Phillip Hartley (NSW)
Pleasantly surprised

The team at Fresh Ventilation didn’t just provide expert advice on the type and capacity of the two centrifugal fans I required but also asked a Moria’s of questions around use and the system they were being wired to, plus the installation specifics….as a result they included the tape and instructions on how best to install to ensure best and quietist operation using the tape to suspend the fans instead of hard fixing.
Thanks again for your support!

Thanks Phillip,

We're glad the end result was exactly as intended.


Deposit for installation

Really appreciate the considerable time that Fresh Ventilation has spent explaining the benefits of the products they install, evaluating how best to fit them within our house, and their flexibility in identifying a suitable date for the installation.

Bush Fire Rated Eave Vent
Graham Banks (QLD)
Great service and well made BAL rated eaves vent

Was looking for a BAL rated eaves vent and the 316 stainless from Fresh Ventilation fitted my needs perfectly while offering great value compared to alternatives. This is one of the only BAL rated vents currently available in the market and in my opinion an essential choice in a well designed roof ventilation system.

Right product, on time and great advice!

Review by Fresh Ventilation

Cameron from Fresh Ventilation here!

We installed a Zehnder ComfoAir Q350 as a demonstration unit in our office space above our warehouse. I wanted to write a public review because it’s been a while since I’ve been so impressed by a product.

We’re regularly seeing the advertised 96% efficiency at real airflow levels (200m3/h). The app control is ahead of anything else on the market and the smarts of the system are equally unmatched. Self-balancing means that the system automatically compensates for differences in supply/exhaust pressure (such as open windows affecting the exhaust side or installation of a pre-heater or HEPA filter on the supply side). The bypass is similarily smart. It opens automatically (either partially at set increments or completely) to bring in cooler air at night during summer and warmer air during the day in winter. It can also open partially when there are humidity benefits in doing so.

We are impressed!

Deposit for Installation by Fresh Ventilation

Great product, worked excellent for my clients steam problem in their bathroom

Great product, does everything that the seller says it does.
Very easy to install and the seller is very happy to help you out with any questions you may have.
I would recommend this product to anyone who is in the market for a high end quality heat transfer system that does everything that it’s advertised as doing.
100% satisfaction, don’t look any were else if you are in the market for a heat transfer system, “Fresh Ventilation” have it covered and their service is excellent.

Use these guys

Fantastic people to deal with. High quality and speedy delivery. Easy to set up as well.

V-Flex Duct (Uninsulated)
Nathan Kerr (NSW)


Nothing beats quality customer service

Claire and cameron from fresh ventilation won me over others was with their Aussie owned and operated business. Claires patience and understanding of myself not knowing what to buy and not over selling a product is something as a customer I appreciate. The fast delivery and excellent customer support was next level. If your looking for a product i couldn’t recommend these 2 enough for your next project!

Caxton House ventilation

Very happy to put in the deposit. Claire’s inspection and ideas great.