Stop Window Condensation

Window Condensation

Dry Up Condensation and Wipe Away Crying Windows by Improving Your Home Ventilation

If you know your home has weeping windows, you’re definitely not alone. Thankfully, fixing window condensation can be as simple as improving the ventilation in your home.

Condensation forms on cold surfaces when they come into contact with moisture in the air. Dripping condensation and excessive moisture can result in a number of issues for your home and your family’s health:

  • Left uncontrolled, window condensation can cause mould and mildew that damages curtains, clothing and bedding.
  • Cold and damp homes exacerbate asthma and are more likely to contain mould spores.
  • Mould spores are dangerous to you and your family’s health and are an equally dangerous trigger of asthma.
  • Wooden window frames can warp and become difficult to operate.
  • In severe cases, condensation also causes paint to peel.

Ventilation Solutions

  • A DVS EC Connect home ventilation system is an efficient and effective way of controlling window condensation.
  • Positive pressure ventilation acts to expel damp and moisture from your home.
  • DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems use powerful EC motors with more air flow than other similar ventilation systems.
  • Sub floor ventilation can remove ground moisture from underneath raised floors, creating a drier and warmer area above.