Bathroom Fan Kits (AC and EC Motors)

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Fan Motor: AC Motor
Model: X-Stream
Fill Existing Hole: No

Did You Know... It's Possible for Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan to be Powerful, Quiet, Non-Draughty, Remove Steam, Prevent Wet Walls and Ceilings, and to Switch Off Automatically After a Period of Time?

A good bathroom fan should achieve all of these things!

Our bathroom exhaust fans are so quiet you can barely hear them running. While this means you're able to enjoy your hot shower with some peace and quiet, it also means you're more likely to leave the fan running for a period of time afterwards to ensure all residual moisture is removed.

A bathroom exhaust fan should also be powerful. Ours have capacities of 560 m³/h and 735 m³/h (far higher than cheap and noisy fans found at your local hardware store). The power of our fans means that steam doesn't build up, and your bathroom walls and ceiling aren't dripping wet once you're finished!

Our 'Plus' versions include an IntelliSwitch automatic timer, so that the fan can continue running for a period of time after you leave, before automatically switching off once the time has elapsed.

Bathroom Exhaust & Extraction Fans (Wet Areas)
X-Stream EC Plus

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X-Stream Ducted Exhaust Fans

The Fresh Ventilation X-Stream is the perfect extractor fan solution for wet areas like bathrooms, toilets and laundries. Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter or a landlord, it’s vital to keep these areas free from mould and condensation.

Fresh Ventilation’s exclusive design is based on years of knowledge, experience and trialling competing products. We use Australian made ducting and German made centrifugal fans with both AC and EC motors.

The Fresh Ventilation X-Stream is available in four models, with and without run-on timers, with air flow ranging between 540 m³/h and 735 m³/h.

Included Items

The following table outlines useful information, such as quantities of included items, for each of our bathroom fan kits.

Additional quantities of individual items can be purchased in our store.



X-Stream Plus

150mm AC/EC Centrifugal Fans (Made in Germany)



White Metal Egg Crate Grille



White Plastic Louvre Grille



V-Flex Duct (Made in Australia)

6 m

6 m


X-Stream EC Plus

150mm Centrifugal Fan

This is the motor. It is suspended in your roof space by hanging strap so that vibrations can't be transferred through the structure.

150mm V-Flex Duct

This flexible duct is made in Australia and joins all of the components of the system together. It is much stronger than standard flexible duct.

White Plastic Louvre Grille

This is installed outside in your eave (or gable end) and connected to the fan via ducting.

White Metal Egg Crate Grille

This is installed in your bathroom ceiling (ideally directly above the shower) and connected to the fan via ducting. Once installed it is discreet and sits almost flush with your ceiling.

IS-SS IntelliSwitch Timer (X-Stream Plus Only)

This optional run-on timer has 5 pre-set timer durations (15, 30, 60, 90 and 180 minutes) and starts counting down after you turn it on. This means the fan can continue running for a period of time after you leave, before automatically switching off once the time has elapsed.

Fan Specifications / FAQ

Why Wet Area Ventilation is Important

Modern homes are well insulated and sealed tight to increase energy efficiency, but are more likely to have poor ventilation because they cannot breathe. Opening doors and windows is not always practical and does not provide adequate ventilation, which needs movement and exchange of air.

Bathroom exhaust and extraction fans offer a range of benefits:

Damp and/or Mouldy Home

Mould is almost always caused by dampness and poor ventilation in your home.

Musty Odours

Musty odours, caused by dampness and poor ventilation in your home, are pretty off-putting and not particularly healthy.


Condensation forms on cold surfaces when they come into contact with moisture in the air. Dripping condensation and excessive moisture can result in a number of issues for your home and your family’s health.

Bad Smells

Bad smells in the bathroom are pretty off-putting and can be embarrassing.

What Makes Fresh Ventilation Different

Fresh Ventilation is a family owned and operated business. Our main business has specialised in the installation of premium quality ventilation systems for over 10 years. Our bathroom fan kits use the same premium components we install in our business on a daily basis.

Effective ventilation requires quality components and proper installation. We place a strong emphasis on customised solutions and after-sales support to help you get the most from your system.

Our focus is on premium products and expert advice to create ventilation systems that actually work.

Our Bathroom Exhaust and Extraction Fans

Fresh Ventilation’s exclusive design is based on years of knowledge, experience and trialling competing products. Our systems use components that have been carefully selected for their purpose to ensure that you get superior performance, proven reliability and lower operating costs.

We use Australian made components, including ducting and fittings, and German made centrifugal fans with both AC and EC motors available.

Ventilation System Installation

Customer Reviews

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Tom Hughes (NSW)

fast delivery

James (VIC)
Excellent service, advice, and product

The team were super helpful in understanding what our needs were. I provided measurements and any concerns I had and Cameron and the team gave me perfect advice with the data to explain it. Once installed the products worked better than expected and their quality was evident. Could not be happier.

Mat Keyzer
Great system.

Couldn’t be happier. The service was perfect, the system is great. I’ve been showing colleagues and family/friends the new setup.

Highly recommend.

Bernie P (VIC)
Great Service, easy installation. Big improvement to the bathroom exhaust.

After replacing the old exhaust fan with the Fresh Ventilation fan the Bathroom exhaust has improved a lot to what we had. Thanks for all your help and answering all my questions. Would Recommended this product to others.

Thanks Bernie,

We're glad we were able to help you out.

Sarah G (VIC)
The best customer service I’ve ever had

I jumped online for some clarity on what would suit my new bathroom and the the assistance I experienced well surpassed my expectations! I had spent a long time trying to understand what I needed and someone with industry experience recommended fresh ventilation. They helped explain what I needed and why, where the placement needed to be in my room layout and how it should be effectively installed. I will continue to pass their details on. Highly recommend!