Heat Transfer Guide

DVS EC Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer Systems are Designed to Evenly Distribute Heat from a Heat Source to Colder Areas in Your Home

Rooms that get more sun or have a heat source are generally warmer than those without. With a heat transfer system however, you can ensure other rooms in your home are as warm and cosy as your sunlit lounge.

Heat transfer systems balance the temperature in your home by evenly distributing energy from a heat source, such as a fireplace or heater, throughout your home.

All of our standalone heat transfer systems are available for purchase in our online store. Alternatively, if you would prefer us to install it for you, please Contact Us and we can arrange a quote that includes supply and installation.

Heat Transfer Systems

Benefits of Heat Transfer Systems

Modern homes are well insulated and sealed tight to increase energy efficiency, but are more likely to have poor ventilation because they cannot breathe. Opening doors and windows is not always practical and does not provide adequate ventilation, which needs movement and exchange of air.

Heat transfer systems offer a range of benefits:

DVS EC Heat Transfer Systems

While you may have a perfectly good heating source in the living area (such as a wood burner), the heat it generates does not always extend to other areas, such as the bedrooms. The DVS EC Standalone Heat Transfer System uses excess heat from your existing heating to create supplementary heating for other rooms in your home – making the best use of heat you’ve already paid for.

The DVS EC Standalone Heat Transfer System is designed to provide supplementary heating to rooms isolated from the main heating source (log burner or other solid fuel burner). This can have the effect of reducing the amount of in room ‘paid for’ heating you need to use.

DVS EC Heat Transfer Control Panel

The DVS EC Heat Transfer System features an intuitive controller with temperature display, thermostat automation, fan speed control, and on/off operation.

It is connected to the fan via a standard Cat 5e network cable, for simple plug and play operation.

Click Here to download a User Manual for the DVS EC Standalone Heat Transfer Controller.

DVS 200mm Flat Diffuser

Custom moulded DVS diffusers that are both attractive and designed specifically for ventilation.

Why Choose a DVS EC Heat Transfer System?

The DVS EC Heat Transfer System is the most advanced standalone heat transfer system on the Australian market. It uses a German made 200mm EC centrifugal fan and has an intuitive custom designed controller with temperature display, thermostat automation, fan speed control, and on/off operation.

Some of the many benefits include:

What Makes Fresh Ventilation Different

Fresh Ventilation is a family owned and operated business. Our main business has specialised in the installation of premium quality ventilation systems for over 10 years.

Effective heat transfer systems require quality components and proper installation. Given that no two homes are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to heat transfer systems. This is why we place a strong emphasis on customised solutions and after-sales support to help you get the most from your system.

Our focus is on premium products and expert advice to create ventilation systems that actually work.

Our Heat Transfer Systems

Fresh Ventilation’s exclusive design is based on years of knowledge, experience and trialling competing products. Our systems use components that have been carefully selected for their purpose to ensure that you get superior performance, proven reliability and lower operating costs.

We use Australian made components, including ducting and fittings, and German made centrifugal fans with both AC and EC motors available.

Ventilation System Installation

Fan Specifications / FAQ

Buy Heat Transfer Kits Online

All of our heat transfer systems are available as DIY kits if you would like to install them yourself. We offer installation assistance and guidance by way of telephone conversations and personalised duct layouts with each kit.