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Home Ventilation and Subfloor Ventilation Services in Forster and the Mid North Coast

Home Ventilation and Subfloor Ventilation Services in Forster and the Mid North Coast

We at Fresh Ventilation are excited to announce the expansion of our expert installation services to Forster (and the surrounding Mid North Coast of NSW), with the addition of our "new" team member, Charlie. Having previously been a part of our team in Mittagong, Charlie brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of our product range to his new locale.

Experienced and Trusted

Charlie's journey with Fresh Ventilation began in Mittagong, where his exceptional skills and dedication to quality installations set a high standard. His recent move to Forster is not just a new chapter in his life but a fantastic opportunity for Fresh Ventilation to extend our reach. Customers in areas like Forster, Taree, Port Macquarie, and Coffs Harbour can now benefit from Charlie's expertise.

Fully Qualified and Ready to Serve

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Charlie is not just an installer; he's a fully qualified electrician and the proud owner of Turn U On Electrical. His skill set extends beyond electrical services, encompassing an extensive knowledge for delivering first-class ventilation solutions. His proficiency in our product range makes him the ideal choice for installing our comprehensive array of systems.

A Proven Track Record

Charlie's previous employment with Andrew Pinkerton Electrical, our leading installer for over 10 years, saw him excel as one of our installation team leaders, where his leadership and technical skills were clearly evident. He oversaw and participated in weekly installations stretching from Canberra to Sydney, handling an array of complex installations. His ability to manage these installations, ensuring they were completed to our stringent standards, speaks volumes about his capability and dedication to solving problems and offering the best possible solution.

In these roles, Charlie not only showcased his technical expertise but also his exceptional customer service skills. His approachable manner and ability to clearly explain technical details to clients made him a favourite among our customers. His commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction through high-quality installations has been a key factor in building our reputation as a leading provider of ventilation solutions.

Broad Experience for Diverse Needs

During his time with us, Charlie gained extensive experience in installing a variety of systems, from sophisticated whole-house ventilation systems to more affordable systems like energy-efficient subfloor ventilation and moisture control solutions. This breadth of experience means that Charlie is not only familiar with our product range but also adept at tailoring installations to the specific needs of different homes and buildings.

Recent Success in Coffs Harbour

Demonstrating his proficiency, Charlie recently completed a substantial installation in Coffs Harbour, receiving positive reviews from the homeowner. The project included:

Coffs Harbour Installation Review

  1. DVS EC Premium Connect System: This state-of-the-art positive pressure home ventilation system is designed to enhance air quality and create a healthier living environment. Positive pressure ventilation systems, such as the DVS EC Premium Connect, operate by gently introducing filtered fresh air into your home. This creates a slight positive pressure inside, effectively pushing stale, damp air out through natural leaks and exhaust vents. This continuous exchange of air provides numerous advantages such as improved indoor air quality, increased comfort inside, a significant reduction in window condensation, and elimination of mould and dampness.
    DVS EC Premium Connect Installation
  2. Ducted Centrifugal Bathroom Exhaust Fans: Expertly installed to efficiently remove moist air from bathrooms, directly venting it outside and thus reducing the risk of mould and dampness. Our bathroom exhaust fans are so quiet you can barely hear them running. The power of our fans means that steam doesn't build up, and your bathroom walls and ceiling aren't dripping wet once you're finished!
    Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation
  3. Subfloor Ventilation System: An essential system for maintaining the integrity of the subfloor area, preventing moisture build-up and ensuring the longevity of the property. Mechanical subfloor ventilation systems create cross-flow ventilation and offer the best solution for fixing an existing damp problem underneath your home.
    Subfloor Ventilation Installation

Ready to Transform Your Home

With Charlie's arrival in Forster, Fresh Ventilation is poised to offer unparalleled ventilation solutions to a wider area. Whether it’s a comprehensive home ventilation system, premium bathroom fans, or market-leading subfloor ventilation solutions, Charlie's expertise ensures your home is in capable hands.

Coffs Harbour Installation

Get in Touch

For residents of the Mid North Coast, including Forster, Taree, Port Macquarie, and Coffs Harbour looking to enhance their home's ventilation, contact us to schedule an installation with Charlie. Experience the Fresh Ventilation difference, where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

For more information or to book an installation, visit our website or contact us directly at Fresh Ventilation.

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