Heat Transfer

Stay Warm with a Heat Transfer System this Winter

Heat Transfer from a Fire Place

Make the best use of heat you have already paid for! A heat transfer system circulates heat from a good heat source (such as a wood burner in the living room) to other targeted rooms in the house (such as bedrooms).

We can arrange a heat transfer system to suit any price point. Our heat transfer systems use efficient and technologically superior components that have been carefully selected for their purpose. We have a range of Australian made ducting options and offer German made centrifugal fans with both AC and EC motors.

Why Premium Components Matter

Almost all heat transfer systems use poor quality fans and thinly insulated duct. This leads many people to believe that heat transfer systems do not work.

When a heat transfer system is installed properly, this could not be further from the truth.

EC Motor Heat Transfer Fan


  • Our 200mm EC motor centrifugal fan transfers up to 1,015 m³ of air per hour. This is a large volume of air compared to some fans which only transfer 223 m³ of air per hour. Destination rooms are often very cold. When only a small amount of heat can be transferred, it is unlikely to make a difference.
  • Our EC motor centrifugal fans are infinitely speed controllable. The fan speed is directly proportional to the size of the adjustment you make on the speed controller. Many fans are only single speed. Every heat source is different and every house is different. Precise speed adjustment allows a heat transfer system to be matched to its surroundings. Speed adjustment allows a heat transfer system to move a small amount of air at times when the heat source is not operating.
  • Our 200mm EC motor centrifugal fan makes only 39dBA noise at 50% fan speed. This is very quiet compared to some single speed fans which make 51dBA noise when operating. Heat transfer systems work best when they are operating all the time. This means they are often operating at night. A quiet fan with controllable air flow is less likely to disturb your sleep.
  • Our 200mm EC motor centrifugal fan uses only 22 W at 50% fan speed but still transfers 650 m³ of air per hour. This is very energy efficient compared to some single speed fans which use 193 W when operating. Heat transfer systems work best when they are operating all the time. An energy efficient fan will save a lot of money over the long life of the system.
  • Our EC motor centrifugal fans can operate in temperatures up to 60°C and are rated to 80°C when not in use. This is a high operating temperature compared to some fans which have a maximum air temperature of 45°C. The purpose of a heat transfer system is to transfer hot air. Heat transfer systems are often installed in roof cavities which are hot during the day in summer.
Australian Made Green Duct


  • Green Duct is available insulated to Rm1.5 surrounded by 90mm of insulation. This is 150% more thermally efficient than duct insulated to Rm0.6 surrounded by 40mm of insulation. High quality insulated duct is essential for minimising heat loss if you want your heat transfer system to work well.
  • Green Duct's inner core has a steel rib for strength and is not prone to glue failure. This is much stronger than cheaper duct that is prone to collapsing and tearing. Insulated duct is often mistreated by people moving through a roof space. High quality insulated duct will last a long time and is more likely to withstand poor treatment.
Carbon Filter


  • Do you live in an area that always seems to have a bad smell? Is your fireplace particularly smoky? Does someone in your home have asthma or respiratory problems? If so, one of our optional filters may be what you need.
  • A long-lasting deep pleat filter can be installed. These filters have incredibly high surface area and last up to four years. They use a special blend of fibres with an electrostatic charge which attracts lung-damaging particles. They have natural antibacterial agents.
  • A carbon layer can be added to act as a smell stopper. It is perfect for reducing odours that come from surrounding environments or within the home.
How to Tape Duct Properly

After-Sales Support

  • No matter how good the components, an installation is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. Often this is the installation itself. This is why we place a strong emphasis on customised solutions and after-sales support to help you with installing your system.
  • All of our Heat Transfer Kits include: personal installation maps; one-on-one conversations before and after purchase to help you choose the right products and know how to install them; and installation photos and videos to outline best practices.

We invite you to call us on 02 4855 1025 to learn more about our premium heat transfer kits. We look forward to solving your ventilation problems.

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