Sub Floor Ventilation

Why Premium Components and Proper Installation Matter for Sub Floor Ventilation


Fresh Ventilation supplies a range of efficient and technologically superior sub floor ventilation products. Our exclusive design is based on years of knowledge, experience and trialling competing products.

Not all components are equal!

Premium Sub Floor Ventilation System

System Design

  • Instead of using a single larger fan, we use smaller fans but more of them.
  • More fans allow greater coverage, better efficiency and more extraction points.
  • A single larger fan makes more noise, uses more power and requires longer duct runs to cover the same area as two smaller fans. This is inefficient and leads to uneven duct lengths and subsequently uneven air flow.
  • Our smaller fans use the same size ducting as our exhaust grilles and we allow one exhaust grille per fan. This allows air to be freely exhausted without a reduction in air flow due to pressure buildup.
  • Larger fans need reducers to reduce the duct size so that they can be connected to exhaust grilles. This results in a reduction of air flow due to resistance.
  • When comparing our systems against other systems with the same suggested coverage areas, our kits include more fans, more duct, more extraction points and more exhaust grilles.
  • Our systems are designed to properly ventilate your sub floor area. Our kits include the necessary components and advice to do the job properly the first time.


  • Our 150mm AC and EC motor centrifugal fans have capacities of  560 m³/h and 735 m³/h respectively.
  • The single speed AC motor consumes 52 W and the variable speed EC motor consumes 49 W when running at a similar 580 m³/h capacity.
  • Our fans make less noise and use less power. Some larger fans use 193 W when operating and have less capacity than two of our smaller fans.
  • Our fans have a 5 year replacement warranty.


  • Our duct is manufactured in Australia from two layers of high grade metallised polyester bonded together with fire rated resin encapsulating spring steel wire.
  • Our duct is not prone to tearing or unravelling like single layer competing products.
Anodised Aluminium Weatherproof Grille

Exhaust Grilles

  • Our exhaust grilles are anodised aluminium, not plastic.
  • Our grilles are weather proof and have a rodent proof mesh behind them.
  • Our grilles are easy to install since they replace two standard bricks. The back box fills the hole left after removing two bricks and the anodised grille clips into the back box and covers any gaps with a 25mm flange. They don't require partial removal of bricks to create a round hole.


  • Our digital timer has a battery backup. It won't lose time and start running in the middle of the night.
  • Our digital timer can be programmed differently on different days of the week. This is ideal when you want different operation on the weekends.

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This blog provides crucial insight into the significance of premium components and proper installation when it comes to sub-floor ventilation. The emphasis on using high-quality materials underscores the long-term effectiveness of ventilation systems. It’s clear that investing in premium components not only ensures durability but also contributes to optimal performance in maintaining a healthy sub-floor environment. The inclusion of proper installation practices is equally critical, as it directly impacts the efficiency of the ventilation system. The blog serves as a valuable resource for homeowners and professionals alike, highlighting the importance of quality in sub-floor ventilation solutions. Kudos to the author for illuminating the key factors that make a substantial difference in achieving effective and lasting sub-floor ventilation results.



I have 1890 cellar under kitchen slab accessible via hatch in floor. Has small opening to exterior. About 15 cubic meters. It is very damp with condensation on roof. How should I ventilate it to get it drier. Thanks

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