DVS Sub Floor Ventilation Addon

This component is an add-on for the DVS EC Premium Connect System and the DVS EC Reclaim Connect System.

Many pest and building inspectors recommend sub floor ventilation to reduce termite risk.  These systems are very effective in homes that experience a continuing musty odour or where there is mould on shoes and clothes in wardrobes or on furniture in living spaces.

Your sub floor area may seem insignificant because it does not form part of your living room. However, the fact of the matter is that this space actually has a high impact on the quality of air you breathe in while you are indoors and may affect your health. Poorly ventilated sub floor areas are often damp. This dampness can result in mould, mildew, musty odours, wood rot and pest infestation in your sub floor area and can also contribute to the spread of mould, mildew and allergies above.

Sub Floor Ventilation Reduces Termites

Remove Ground Moisture from Underneath Raised Floors, Creating a Drier and Warmer Sub Floor Area

The DVS Sub Floor Ventilation Addon uses premium EC motor centrifugal fans made by ebm-papst in Germany. In real world use, EC motors provide higher air flow, less noise, smoother fan operation, and substantially lower power consumption.

What Does it Do?

The DVS EC Premium Connect System uses positive pressure technology to push out the stale, moisture-laden air in your home, replacing it with drier, fresher, filtered air from your roof space or from outside your home.

The DVS EC Reclaim Connect System uses balanced pressure technology to quietly extract the damp, stale air out of your home, replacing it with drier, fresher, filtered air from outside your home.

Sub floor ventilation systems use a combination of negative, positive and balanced pressure technology to facilitate the drying up of damp sub floor areas.

A DVS EC Connect System with the DVS Sub Floor Ventilation Addon provides the best of both worlds: ventilating your home with fresh, filtered air, while simultaneously ventilating your sub floor area underneath your home.

How Does it Work?

Additional equipment is installed in the sub floor area of your home and an intake/exhaust vent is installed on the outside of your home.

The DVS EC Connect home ventilation system continually monitors the sub floor fan from inside your home. The intuitive touchscreen controller inside your home with Wi-Fi connectivity and future-proof firmware updates provides automated control.

Custom Logic allows near endless customisation to suit your specific needs and the intricacies of your home.

DVS Sub Floor Ventilation Addon

DVS EC Premium Connect System with DVS Sub Floor Ventilation Addon

DVS Controller

The controller offers personal control of your home environment, all through an easy, simple to use interface. Your system will be configured for you, and the airflow and settings individually calibrated to the size of your home to run automatically. However, you are able to easily adjust the system functions or fine tune the fan speed to better suit your needs or use the Fan Boost option for clearing the house of extra moisture or smells.

The EC Connect controllers are Wi-Fi capable and can be connected to your home internet. This allows you to download any software updates DVS make available when they are improving their systems.

DVS EC Premium Connect Panel
DVS EC Reclaim Connect Panel


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