Subfloor Ventilation Accessories


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150mm V-Flex Duct200mm V-Flex Duct
V-Flex Duct (Uninsulated)
Sale priceFrom $18.00
Bush Fire Rated Stainless Steel Vents (316 Marine Grade) (BAL-40 / BAL-FZ)Bush Fire Rated Stainless Steel Vents (316 Marine Grade) (BAL-40 / BAL-FZ)
Anodised Aluminium Weatherproof GrilleBack Box for Anodised Aluminium Weatherproof Grille
SplitterUninsulated Duct Splitters
Uninsulated Duct Splitters
Sale priceFrom $30.00
Duct Tape
Duct Tape
Sale price$8.00
Hanging Tape
Duct Hanging Tape
Sale price$8.00
Duct End Caps (Pair)
Uninsulated Duct End Caps (Pair)
Sale price$30.00
150mm White Plastic Louvre Grille
White Plastic Louvre Grille
Sale price$22.00
7 Day Digital Timer
Digital 7 Day Timer with Battery Backup
Sale price$36.00
150mm Draft Stopper150mm Draft Stopper
Draft Stoppers and Backdraft Dampers
Sale priceFrom $26.00
DVS Helix Filter CageDVS Helix Filter Cage
DVS Helix Filter Cage
Sale price$66.00
DVS Inline Filter TubeDVS Inline Filter Tube
DVS Inline Filter Tube
Sale price$396.00
150mm White Plastic Egg Crate Grille
White Plastic Egg Crate Grille
Sale price$25.00
200mm to 150mm Uninsulated Duct Reducer
Uninsulated Duct Reducers
Sale price$30.00
Bluetooth Smart TimersBluetooth Smart Timers
Bluetooth Smart Timers
Sale price$250.00
DVS Slimline Uninsulated Duct ReducersDVS Slimline Uninsulated Duct Reducers
DVS Slimline Uninsulated Duct Reducers
Sale price$25.00
White Metal Fixed Louvre Grille
White Metal Fixed Louvre Grille
Sale price$44.00
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