Super Quiet Energy Saving Sub Floor Ventilation Kits (EC Motors)

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Size: 1 Fan Kit
Speed Control: Single Speed

System Sizing

The following table outlines useful information, such as quantities of included items and coverage area, for each of our sub floor ventilation kits.

Additional quantities of individual items can be purchased in our store.

These are our Super Quiet Energy Saving Sub Floor Ventilation Kits (EC Motors). They come at a premium price because they use exceptionally quiet and well engineered Italian made fans. We recommend them when noise (or lack of it) is the most important concern.

If you would like a more affordable kit that replicates our professional installation service, please see our more popular sub floor ventilation kits with premium German made AC motors.

Sub Floor Ventilation Kits with AC Motors
Kit Size

1 Fan Kit

2 Fan Kit

3 Fan Kit

Suitable for Areas Up to

90 m2

180 m2

270 m2

150mm EC Mixed Flow Fans (Made in Italy)




Anodised Aluminium Weatherproof Grilles




Back Boxes for Duct Connection to Anodised Aluminium Weatherproof Grilles





150mm Super Quiet Energy Saving Fan

This is the motor. Depending on the way it's faced, it can either pull air out or push air in. It is suspended in your sub floor area by hanging strap so that vibrations can't be transferred through the structure.

150mm Splitter

This is connected to the fan via ducting and splits one airstream into two, giving you more coverage per fan motor.

150mm V-Flex Duct

This flexible duct is made in Australia and joins all of the components of the system together. It is much stronger than standard flexible duct.

Anodised Aluminium Weatherproof Grille and Back Box for Duct Connection

This grille is installed in your external wall. It is the exact size of two bricks (or can replace existing terracotta vents which are easily removed). The black box fits snuggly in the wall, allowing duct to be connected securely so that there are no leaks, and does not require mortar to be redone after installation. It is connected to the fan via ducting.

150mm Duct End Caps

These end caps are installed after the splitter, at the end of each open duct. They provide a solid opening to fasten to, so that duct cannot deteriorate over time, or be sucked back in on itself. They also provide a secure point for fastening off to the structure.

Fan Specifications


  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • Enclosures made of fire resistant plastic resin.
  • Casing integrating a sound-absorbing coating, optimised to minimise sound emissions radiated into the environment and transmitted through exhaust and supply ducts.
  • High water resistance: IPX5.
  • Equipped with a thermal fuse overheating safety device. 
  • Speed adjustable through optional potentiometer (0-10V signal).
  • Long life 30,000 hour motor.
  • Double insulated housing (does not require an earth).
  • Made in Italy.
  • 2 Year Warranty.


  • 232mm width (A).
  • 320.6mm height (B).
  • 685mm length (C).
  • 147mm duct attachment flange diameter (D).
  • 5.4kg weight.

100% Speed (10V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 31 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 515  m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 237.3 Pa.
  • RPM: 2,030.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 31 dB(A).

80% Speed (8V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 20 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 430 m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 144.2 Pa.
  • RPM: 1,700.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 26 dB(A).

60% Speed (6V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 10.6 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 305  m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 73.6 Pa.
  • RPM: 1,240.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 18.6 dB(A).

40% Speed (4V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 7.7 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 250  m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 45.1 Pa.
  • RPM: 1,015.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 13.7 dB(A).


Negative Pressure, Positive Pressure or Balanced Pressure?

Installing the most suitable sub floor ventilation system in your home can help get rid of air pollutants that can harm your health and your family’s wellbeing. Fresh Ventilation offers efficient solutions that can eradicate stale, moist air in the sub floor area and replace it with cleaner, fresher and drier air. We have three different types of ducted sub floor ventilation systems that you can choose from.

All of our systems are available in any of the three pressure configurations – the components don’t change, the way they are installed determines the configuration.

Depending on how your sub floor ventilation fans are installed, they will either blow air into your sub floor area (positive pressure) or suck air out of your sub floor area (negative pressure). If you have two or more fans installed, it is possible for fans to both blow air in and suck air out of your sub floor area (balanced pressure).

Why Sub Floor Ventilation is Important

Many pest and building inspectors recommend sub floor ventilation to reduce termite risk.  These systems are very effective in homes that experience a continuing musty odour or where there is mould on shoes and clothes in wardrobes or on furniture in living spaces.

Your sub floor area may seem insignificant because it does not form part of your living room. However, the fact of the matter is that this space actually has a high impact on the quality of air you breathe in while you are indoors and may affect your health. Poorly ventilated sub floor areas are often damp. This dampness can result in mould, mildew, musty odours, wood rot and pest infestation in your sub floor area and can also contribute to the spread of mould, mildew and allergies above. 

Sub floor ventilation can remove ground moisture from underneath raised floors, creating a drier and warmer sub floor area.

Types of Sub Floor Ventilation

Fresh Ventilation supplies and installs a range of efficient and technologically superior sub floor ventilation products.  Our systems utilise the latest in ventilation technology, with Australian made components and German made AC or EC motor centrifugal fans by ebm-papst.

Ducted Sub Floor Ventilation Systems

Fresh Ventilation supplies a range of efficient and technologically superior ducted sub floor ventilation products.  Our systems utilise the latest in ventilation technology, with Australian made components and Italian made EC motor mixed flow fans by Vortice. Ducted sub floor ventilation systems have significant advantages:

Duct can be run to problem areas.

The ability to have multiple pickup points means coverage is far greater.

Smart design can achieve excellent cross-flow ventilation.

Stale air can be drawn from deep in the sub floor area.

Premium mixed flow fans with centrifugal impellers are much quieter than most wall-mounted fans and outperform axial wall-mounted fans in a ducted system.

What Makes Fresh Ventilation Different

Fresh Ventilation is a family owned and operated business. Our main business has specialised in the installation of premium quality ventilation systems for over 10 years. Our sub floor ventilation kits use the same premium components we install in our business on a daily basis.

Effective sub floor ventilation requires quality components and proper installation. Given that no two sub floor areas are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sub floor ventilation. This is why we place a strong emphasis on customised solutions and after-sales support to help you with installing your system.

Our focus is on premium products and expert advice to create ventilation systems that actually work.

All of our kits include:

Personal installation maps tailored to your sub floor area.

One-on-one conversations to help us understand what is going on and recommend how best to solve it.

One-on-one telephone and/or FaceTime conversations to help you with installing your system.

Installation photos and videos outlining best practices and things to avoid.

Ventilation System Installation

Why Premium Components and Proper Installation Matter

Fresh Ventilation supplies a range of efficient and technologically superior sub floor ventilation products. Our exclusive design is based on years of knowledge, experience and trialling competing products.

Not all components are equal!

System Design

Instead of using a single larger fan, we use smaller fans but more of them.

More fans allow greater coverage, better efficiency and more extraction points.

A single larger fan makes more noise, uses more power and requires longer duct runs to cover the same area as two smaller fans. This is inefficient and leads to uneven duct lengths and subsequently uneven air flow.

Our smaller fans use the same size ducting as our exhaust grilles and we allow one exhaust grille per fan. This allows air to be freely exhausted without a reduction in air flow due to pressure buildup.

Larger fans need reducers to reduce the duct size so that they can be connected to exhaust grilles. This results in a reduction of air flow due to resistance.

When comparing our systems against other systems with the same suggested coverage areas, our kits include more fans, more duct, more extraction points and more exhaust grilles.

Our systems are designed to properly ventilate your sub floor area.

Our kits include the necessary components and advice to do the job properly the first time.


Our 150mm super quiet energy saving EC motor mixed flow fans have a capacity of 515 m³/h.

The variable speed EC motor consumes a maximum of 31 W when running at full speed.

The variable speed EC motor makes a maximum of 31 dB(A) noise (3m breakout).

Our fans make less noise and use less power. Some larger fans use 193 W when operating and have less capacity than two of our smaller fans.

Our super quiet fans have a 2 year replacement warranty.


Our digital timer has a battery backup. It won't lose time and start running in the middle of the night.

Our digital timer can be programmed differently on different days of the week. This is ideal when you want different operation on the weekends.


Our duct is manufactured in Australia from two layers of high grade metallised polyester bonded together with fire rated resin encapsulating spring steel wire.

Our duct is not prone to tearing or unravelling like single layer competing products.

Exhaust Grilles

Our exhaust grilles are anodised aluminium, not plastic.

Our grilles are weather proof and have a rodent proof mesh behind them.

Our grilles are easy to install since they replace two standard bricks. The back box fills the hole left after removing two bricks and the anodised grille clips into the back box and covers any gaps with a 25mm flange. They don't require partial removal of bricks to create a round hole.

The back box fits snuggly in the wall, allowing duct to be connected securely so that there are no leaks, and does not require mortar to be redone after installation.

Our 150mm super quiet energy saving EC motor mixed flow fans have a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. All other components have a 5 year warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Mitch Hurford (NSW)

Great product

Chris Mercer (NSW)

The team at Fresh Ventilation were brilliant in sharing their knowledge and expertise for the design of our HRV system. The manner in which they explained the concepts and rationale for design choices was well articulated and considerate. Highly recommend.

Jack Ho (NSW)
Good service

Good service

Johann Bell (NSW)
Deposit for installation

Really appreciate the considerable time that Fresh Ventilation has spent explaining the benefits of the products they install, evaluating how best to fit them within our house, and their flexibility in identifying a suitable date for the installation.

Alexandre Firmin (NSW)

Deposit for Installation by Fresh Ventilation