Get Rid of Mould, Mildew and Dampness Permanently with Home Ventilation and Sub Floor Ventilation

If you know your home has a dampness problem, you’re definitely not alone.

Thankfully, fixing mould and dampness can be as simple as improving the ventilation in your home.

Mould and Dampness

Mould is almost always caused by dampness and poor ventilation in your home.

The signs of dampness and poor ventilation can often be quite obvious.

However, in newer homes, which are built to be almost airtight under building regulations, signs of poor ventilation aren’t always initially visible and may exist in the form of excessive moisture that can’t escape and hidden damp, which accumulates over time.

When damp and mould are allowed to grow, they can be a trigger for asthma attacks, cause flu, fatigue and even more severe respiratory illnesses.

Toxic mould syndrome occurs worldwide and is linked to headaches, nausea, nose bleeds, depression, eczema, lack of energy, respiratory problems and hay fever (allergic rhinitis). Asthma sufferers are particularly at risk in damp and mouldy homes, as are babies, children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.


Ventilation Solutions

Fresh Ventilation recommends and installs DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems to reduce mould and dampness because:

  • DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems are an efficient and effective way of reducing mould and dampness.

  • Cleaning mould does not solve dampness and poor ventilation in your home (and mould will likely return). A DVS EC Connect home ventilation system fixes dampness and poor ventilation issues (the source of a mould problem) so that mould does not return.

  • Positive pressure ventilation acts to expel damp and moisture from your home.

  • DVS EC Connect home ventilation systems use powerful EC motors with more air flow than other similar ventilation systems.

Fresh Ventilation also recommends and installs Sub Floor Ventilation Systems to reduce mould and dampness because:

  • These systems are very effective in homes that experience a continuing musty odour or where there is mould on shoes and clothes in wardrobes or on furniture in living spaces.

  • Sub floor ventilation can remove ground moisture from underneath raised floors, creating a drier and warmer sub floor area.

  • Poorly ventilated sub floor areas are often damp. This dampness can result in mould, mildew, musty odours, wood rot and pest infestation in your sub floor area and can also contribute to the spread of mould, mildew and allergies above.

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