DVS EC Reclaim Connect Home Ventilation Systems

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DVS EC Connect systems are not available for purchase online. A free home assessment is necessary to determine proper sizing and system suitability before installation can be arranged. Please contact us to organise a free home assessment.

Home ventilation systems manufactured by DVS use advanced technology (such as EC motors and Wi-Fi connectivity) to gently introduce cleaner, drier, filtered air from the roof space or from outside your home. Home ventilation systems significantly reduce problems like crying windows, mould and mildew, which are key triggers for asthma and allergies.

DVS EC Reclaim Connect System

Build tight, ventilate right!

The DVS EC Reclaim Connect is a superior balanced pressure ventilation system. With the increase in design of airtight dwellings in Australia there is a greater focus on balanced ventilation and heat recovery. Have an existing air conditioner? Installing a home ventilation system from DVS can boost its performance by making your home’s air easier to heat and cool! 

If you’re looking for ways to create a healthier and more energy-efficient home, our ultimate balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation system is the perfect ventilation solution for your home. The heat exchanger reclaims energy produced by the exhausted stale air, and redistributes it into your home. This means that less heating is required to keep your home warm, which equates to big savings – both to your power bill and the environment.

Controlled ventilation is the key to achieve necessary air changes while maintaining an energy-efficient building. The DVS EC Reclaim Connect is an enhanced balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation system, and is located in your roof space. The two energy-efficient EC fans will effortlessly and quietly extract the damp, stale air and deliver fresh, filtered air into your home to keep it dry and healthy. As the ventilation system extracts the stale air, the heat exchanger reclaims energy that passes through it, which means that less energy escapes from your home.

Mechanical ventilation is essential to manage internal moisture in airtight buildings. For this reason balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation systems like the DVS EC Reclaim Connect are perfect for modern homes. 

The DVS EC Reclaim Connect is our ultimate whole-house balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation system, and features a wireless CO2 sensor, which continually monitors the level of carbon dioxide in your home. When CO2 reaches an unhealthy level, the ventilation system will instantly increase the level of fresh air delivered into your home – helping to keep you and your family healthier all year round.

The humidity sensing control function ensures your ventilation system will only ventilate your home with air that will assist in keeping your home drier, while the energy the heat exchanger has recovered will be re-used in your home. That means less heating is required to keep your home at a desired temperature. That equates to big savings on your power bill and also benefits the environment.

Balanced Pressure or Positive Pressure?

The DVS EC Reclaim Connect is a balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation system. If your home has been built to a higher air tightness standard than the current building code requires, then balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation systems are suitable for your home.

If you have an older home, or a new home that has been built to current building code requirements, then DVS and Fresh Ventilation recommend the installation of a DVS EC Premium Connect System. The DVS EC Premium Connect is a positive pressure ventilation system.

Fresh Ventilation can guide you as to the best choice for your home.

Optional Addons

  1. Automatic Summer Bypass: To increase the effectiveness of your system during summer, an Automatic Summer Bypass can be fitted to allow the incoming fresh air to bypass the heat exchanger when the outside air is cooler than your home. This component can be automatically or manually controlled.
  2. Solar Gain Roof Intake: To make the most of the solar gain in your roof space, a bypass enables the additional warmth to be transferred into the incoming fresh air flow. This is achieved by opening the roof space bypass to allow the roof space air to mix with the extracted exhaust air from your home and pass through the heat exchanger helping to pre-warm the incoming fresh air. This component can be automatically or manually controlled.
  3. Sub Floor Ventilation Addon.
  4. Replacement Air Filters.

More Information

  1. DVS EC Reclaim Connect (User Manual).
  2. DVS EC Connect Range (Brochure).
  3. DVS Helix Filters (Fitting Instructions).

Why DVS?

DVS home ventilation systems are the most advanced ventilation systems in the Australian market.  Some of the many benefits include:

  • Made in New Zealand.
  • German made EC motors by ebm-papst.
  • Intuitive touchscreen controller with Wi-Fi connectivity and futureproof automatic firmware updates.
  • Temperature sensors in every fan so that they can operate independently of each other.
  • Humidity sensors in every fan so that they can operate independently of each other.
  • Optional CO2 sensors that automatically increase ventilation when it is needed.
  • Temperature sensors outside when optional summer ventilation is installed.
  • 7 day logging of temperature, humidity, CO2 and fan speeds.
  • Clever addon upgrades that are more advanced than anything else in the Australian market.
  • Custom Logic that allows near endless customisation to suit your specific needs and the intricacies of your home.
  • Custom moulded DVS diffusers that are both attractive and designed specifically for ventilation.
  • 5 years warranty backed both by DVS on their product and Fresh Ventilation on our installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Luke F (VIC)

Very professional
Very knowledgeable
Extremely helpful
Highly recommend

Bianca Yee (NSW)
DVS EC Premium Connect

Just want to say a big thank you for the seamless installation of the DVS. It is sooooo good! I finally got to see the system on Monday after a contactless installation. We are so happy with it and can feel the difference! No condensation on the windows in the masters bedroom on cold mornings, and the temperature in the WHOLE house is uniform. We usually find the study room and downstairs to be freezing cold in the morning and find that there are no hot or cold spots in the house. What an amazing product and a great team!

Such a pleasure to be dealing with you Claire. Big thank you to the team as well for the smooth installation. In the middle of having a baby and being in hospital for 2 weeks due to post-delivery complications, it was really nice to know I could leave it in your capable hands!

Aaron (NSW)
Great product and customer service.

We have had trouble with damp for several years and had spoken with many professionals to try and fix the issue. Cam was the first to suggest a ERV system and explained very clearly how it would fix our issue. Cam and his team installed the system very quickly and the results were noticed from the moment the system was switched on. No more wet windows in winter and we can actually dry clothes inside now.
Would rate 6 stars if I could.

Mandy Clarke (NSW)
Highly recommend

After the first phone call I was pleased with what I heard and it made me hopeful that it would fix our issues. Expecting a newborn in sept so wanted our moisture/mould issues fixed.

After 24hours of the system on I have noticed a massive difference in the air quality and we finally woke up with no condensation on the windows! Very happy so far

Mitch Frost (NSW)
We couldn't be happier with the outcome!

We have recently had a ventilation system, subfloor ventilation and bathroom exhaust fan installed by Fresh Ventilation. From start to finish we have found the team to be extremely knowledgable, professional and responsive.

As part of the installation process they also raised some other issues that will need urgent attention. If these weren't brought to our attention we would have been up for considerably more cost down the track.

The ventillation system looks great and blends in well with the rest of the house. The team took great care in placing the diffusers and cleaning up any debris created by the installation. With a five year warranty we are also confident that the system is built to last, which was an important factor for us.

Our family suffers quite badly from allergies. While it has only been a few days since installation, we are already seeing some improvement in our symptoms.

We couldn't be happier and would have no hesitation in recommending Fresh Ventilation to anyone looking for similar services. Big thanks to the team!