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Invest In Your Family’s Health with a DVS Home Ventilation System

DVS EC Reclaim Connect

New for 2021, Fresh Ventilation are excited to bring DVS home ventilation products to the Australian market for the first time. DVS are known for their class-leading innovation and technologically advanced ventilation systems.

For more than two decades DVS have been making homes healthier and more comfortable to live in.

Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning all contribute to making your home feel healthy, but something that is often overlooked is at the very heart of a healthy home – Ventilation.

DVS Home Ventilation Systems

Home ventilation systems manufactured by DVS use advanced technology (such as EC motors and Wi-Fi connectivity) to gently introduce cleaner, drier, filtered air from the roof space or from outside your home. Home ventilation systems significantly reduce problems like crying windows, mould and mildew, which are key triggers for asthma and allergies.

In winter, good air circulation and home heating are essential for maintaining air quality. A home ventilation system from DVS removes the excess damp, moisture-filled air and improves the overall air quality inside the house, making it much healthier for you and your family. And, once it’s installed, a DVS ventilation system costs from just eight cents a day to run, making it a good investment for not only the well-being of your family but also the value of your home.

We are proud to offer the latest range of premium DVS products, including positive pressure heat recovery home ventilation systems (HRV), balanced pressure energy recovery home ventilation systems (ERV), summertime cooling addons, integrated heat transfer addons, and a range of advanced filtration technologies.

DVS Products

  1. DVS EC Premium Connect System (HRV Positive Pressure)
  2. DVS EC Reclaim Connect System (ERV Balanced Pressure)
  3. Automatic Summer Ventilation Addon
  4. Integrated Heat Transfer Addon
  5. Sub Floor Ventilation Addon
  6. Air Filters

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