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Fresh Ventilation is a family owned installation business in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Our Online Store offers a range of premium ventilation kits, using the same products we install on a daily basis. Our kits are based on years of installation knowledge and expertise.

Our focus is on premium products and expert advice to create ventilation systems that actually work.

    1. In Home Ventilation
      1. Centralised Ventilation Systems
      2. Decentralised Ventilation Systems
      3. Permanent Extraction Ventilation Kits
    2. Sub Floor Ventilation
      1. Ducted Sub Floor Ventilation Kits
      2. Wall Mounted Fans
    3. Wet Area Extraction
      1. Bathroom Fan Kits
      2. Wall Mounted Fans
    4. Heat Transfer Systems
    5. Exhaust Fans
    6. Bush Fire Rated Products
    7. Smart Home Products
    8. Replacement Air Filters
    9. Solar Whiz Whirlybirds
    10. Accessories