Solar Whiz – Solar and Mains Powered Whirlybirds

Fresh Ventilation is an authorised distributor of Solar Whiz ventilation products.

 The Solar Whiz roof ventilation whirlybird contributes directly towards the cooling of your home throughout the warmer months of the year. With no running costs (solar powered versions), the Solar Whiz increases the comfort of your home whilst reducing your cooling costs.

The latest generation of Solar Whiz whirlybirds, launched in April 2021, are now made in Australia.

What is the Solar Whiz Whirlybird?

The Solar Whiz whirlybird is a powerful roof ventilation and exhaust fan that operates completely without mains electricity. It is the ideal solar exhaust fan for roof ventilation and home cooling in summer and great for reducing moisture levels and condensation in the roof space in winter. Its superior performance, its ability to suit different climates and applications, its ease of installation, and a flexible design that is specifically made for Australian roofs, have all underpinned the success for this premium class-leading roof ventilator.

How Does the Solar Whiz Whirlybird Work?

The Solar Whiz roof ventilation whirlybird prevents heat build-up in your roof space and reduces the heat load on your ceiling, preventing heat from penetrating into your living space. This results in lower roof space temperatures as well as lower internal temperatures. Solar Whiz roof ventilation provides your family with a more comfortable indoor living space, whilst potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs, if you’re using air conditioning.

For the Solar Whiz whirlybird to be effective in removing heat or moisture, replacement air must be available. Replacement air is most commonly accessed via eave vents or ceiling vents. Heat or moisture may also be extracted directly from the living space via ducting to ceiling vents.

Reduce the Load on Your Air Conditioner

After installing a Solar Whiz roof ventilation whirlybird, the efficiency of your existing air conditioning system will also improve. Your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard when operating and the actual running time will be reduced, as you won’t need to run the air conditioner as often.

Solar Powered, Mains Powered or Solar Powered with Mains Boosting?

Solar Powered Solar Whiz whirlybirds provide the simplest operation (they run whenever the sun is out). The initial purchase cost is higher, but they are simpler to install and have no ongoing running costs. Their speed may reduce on cloudy days and they will not run at night. They have a solar panel on top of the fan housing.

Mains Powered Solar Whiz whirlybirds provide day long operation, regardless of whether it is sunny. The initial purchase cost is lower, but they require an electrician (or an existing power point in the roof) to install and have very low ongoing running costs. Their speed will not reduce on cloudy days and they can run at night. They do not have a solar panel on top of the fan housing.

Solar Powered with Mains Boosting Solar Whiz whirlybirds offer the best of both worlds. In addition to a solar powered Solar Whiz whirlybird, a Constant Current Module is installed and connected to a power point in the roof. The Solar Whiz whirlybird will utilise all available solar power and top up any deficiencies using mains power. Their speed will not reduce on cloudy days and they can run at night. They have a solar panel on top of the fan housing.

What Size Solar Whiz Whirlybird Do I Need?

Solar Whiz roof ventilation whirlybirds are available in both residential and commercial sizes.  There are a number of optional accessories, such as thermostats, eave vents and mains boosting power supplies, that are available to customise your installation.

All of the Solar Whiz products are available for purchase as DIY kits in our Online Store.  Alternatively, if you would prefer Fresh Ventilation to install your whirlybird, please Contact Us and we can arrange a quote that includes supply and installation.

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