Haven Ventilation Solar Whirlybirds (Residential)

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Model: D300-R (Solar)
Thermostat and Night Operation: Fixed Thermostat Only

Don’t Suffer Through Another Hot Australian Summer, Install Haven Solar Ventilation!

Just one Haven Solar Roof Vent has the equivalent power of 23 outdated whirlybirds. Upgrade to efficiency today!

How Does Solar Ventilation Work?

Stay cool and comfortable with Haven Solar Ventilation! Our powerful solar-powered, eco-friendly roof ventilation reduces heat build-up in your roof space and ceiling, which in turn lowers temperatures in your living space and lowers cooling costs.

Haven Solar Ventilation removes the hot air by bringing fresh, cooler air into your roof cavity through our range of eave vents, keeping your home comfortable all year long.

Features and Advantages

Cool and Dry All the Time

Easily installed, Haven Solar Ventilators provide year-round efficiency, reducing heat in the summer and moisture in the winter.

Nature's Best

Haven Solar Roof Ventilators are solar-powered with a fully adjustable solar panel for maximum efficiency. With an optional power pack available for backup when required.

Upgrade Today

One powerful Haven Solar Ventilator is the equivalent to 23 traditional whirly birds, think about that on your roof! They come in a sleek, modern design, and have a quiet, brushless DC motor.

Vent, Let It All Out

It is important that replacement air is available so your Haven Roof Ventilator works efficiently. We have a full range of eave vents available to suit your requirements.


Supplied with a universal flashing, the Haven Solar Roof Ventilator is easy to install on most roof types. We can also supply custom flashings for all scenarios to make sure your unit is installed correctly.

Thermostatically Controlled

Haven Solar Roof Ventilators have a fixed thermostat as standard. For optimal control, an adjustable thermostat is available.

Why Choose Haven Solar Ventilation?

Ceiling temperatures can exceed 70 degrees in Summer. This accounts for 25-35% of the heat inside your home. Drawing fresh air from outside through your roof cavity, the Haven D300-R will bring your roof cavity closer to the outside ambient temperature.

Haven Solar Ventilation products are specifically designed to be eco-friendly, cost-effective, durable, low-maintenance, and customisable to your needs. They are made from the best quality materials, utilising the latest technology, ensuring that your home or business is always cool and comfortable.

We watched as the devastation of fire ravaged our beautiful country in recent years, and in our small way, we are proud to have been able to work with at risk areas with the optional extra upgrade to our products to be bushfire rated, protecting Australians for the future.

Contact us today to chat about updating your home or business to fresh, cooler air, all year round.

Why are Solar Powered Roof Vents Better than Whirlybirds?

Solar powered ventilators are more efficient, are easier to install, have more options for customization. Haven roof ventilators are adaptable to a wide range of climates, roof types and building styles, making them a better option than traditional whirlybirds.

Whirlybirds are less effective in removing heat and moisture from ceilings than solar-powered ventilators because they rely on hot air rising to be effective – essentially trying to close the gate after the horse has bolted.

As a result, the are inefficient and might not always perform when needed.

  • Few choices for personalising/adjusting to various roof types.

Bulky and unsightly and does not enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building.
  • Not thermostatically controlled so drawing warm air out in cooler months.
  • Noisy bearings which can be annoying for those in the dwelling.

Traditional whirlybirds do not actually draw the air out, they are essentially a hole in your roof that allows the hot air to escape, that is why on a hot still day, whirlybirds still rotate – it is the hot air rising that spins the whirlybird.

As the Haven D300 is thermostatically controlled, it is drawing air through your ceiling cavity as soon as the temperature in the cavity reaches 25 degrees – this helps maintain the temperature instead of allowing it to increase.

The Haven D300-R still helps in winter time, circulating the air in the roof cavity prevents condensation build up decreasing the chance of mould and mildew problems.

Technical Specifications

Airflow 2,100 m3/h.
Motor 10-24 volt brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings.
Solar Panel 40 watt polycrystalline high impact resistant PV panel. Fully adjustable tilt frame. Panel can easily be removed for remote mounting.
Noise Level Less than 45dB(A).
Thermostat Fixed. Starts at 25 degrees celsius +/- 5%. Optional adjustable thermostat with switch.
Fan Cap High durability aluminium.
Fan Body Corrosion resistant steel. Optional 316 stainless steel.
Flashing 500 x 550mm aluminium flashing.
Hardware Stainless steel fasteners and bolts.
Finish Powder coated silver.
Box Size 620 x 620 x 310mm.

Customer Reviews

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Dan Allen (NSW)
Super helpful and insightful knowledge!!

I original bought a subfloor ventilation kit from these guys a while ago go where they were really helpful with the design and allocation of all the components of the kit. Upon researching roof ventilation I went back to these guys and once again they didn’t let me down. They directed me to what product I needed that suited my situation best.

I highly recommended Fresh ventilation as they provide great knowledge, service and products in all aspects ventilation!

Rick Slapp (NSW)
As advertised, as expected

Quick delivery, good customer service pre and post order. Easy and quick to install. Turning and working even before installation complete.

steve (VIC)
Great communication

Very responsive ,seller answers questions very fast, seems honest when speaking with him

Andy (NSW)
Prompt Service.

Ordered and paid for the goods. Recieved a call when they were ready as advised and all went smoothly. Yet to instal the unit but it looks impressive.

Sandra Oates (NSW)
Knowledgeable and friendly service

Super helpful choosing and setting up our systems