Bush Fire Rated Eave Vent

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Material: Galvanised Steel

The galvanised steel vents are not suitable for installation in a coastal environment. For coastal environments, please use the 316 marine grade stainless steel vents, or alternatively our round 316 marine grade stainless steel eave vents available here.

June 2023: Factory Second  316 marine grade stainless steel vents available.

The manufacturer has released a new stainless steel version of the eave vents for coastal areas. Unfortunately the first shipment wasn't up to the standard that we expect, so they have agreed to let us sell them as factory seconds. We have reduced the price by 40% to match the galvanised steel vents. This offer is only while stock from the first shipment lasts.

Functionally there is nothing wrong with the vents. What can you expect:

  • A slight bend in the metal vent from the manufacturing process punching repeated holes into the metal sheet. This issue is minor as installation and fixing (with six screws in the marked locations) will correct the bend.
  • Some imperfections in the paint. This may include small patches of thin paintwork (generally only in one area on one side of the vent, but may be on both sides) or some contamination underneath the paint when viewed up close (see photos). This issue is cosmetic only and does not affect the performance of the vents. It is unlikely that you would be able to see it or discern the flaw once the vents have been installed.
  • An off-centred template. Some of the vents have been manufactured with all of the holes punched about 3mm off centre. This issue is minor and again cosmetic only.  It is unlikely that you would be able to see it or discern the flaw once the vents have been installed.


Bush fire rated eave vents are unobtrusive and easy to install. They are covered in white powder coating.

Improve your roof space ventilation by allowing air to freely enter the roof space. If you have a whirlybird, you can substantially increase its performance and maximise its efficiency by allowing replacement air to freely enter the roof space.

We recommend four to eight eave vents per home for maximum roof space ventilation.

Product Specifications

  • Galvanised steel with white powder coat (Galvanised Steel version).
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel with white powder coat (Stainless Steel version).
  • BAL 40 bushfire attack compliant.
  • Dimensions: 450mm x 250mm.
  • Warranty: 3 years.


  • These vents are only available in 450mm x 250mm.
  • They're expensive to produce, with 6,336 carefully punched holes in each vent. To keep costs down they are mass produced in one size only.

Actual Surface Area of Vent Opening

  • Cutout holes are approximately 1.8mm2.
  • There are three sections with 2,112 holes in each section.
  • There are a total of 6,336 holes.
  • The approximate opening area is 160.93cm2 (this is roughly the same surface area as a 150mm duct).

    Customer Reviews

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    Firestarter (WA)

    Noice, sick as man can't wait to burn me house down to try dem out man

    Haha. We hope you don't go that far!

    Graham Banks (QLD)
    Great service and well made BAL rated eaves vent

    Was looking for a BAL rated eaves vent and the 316 stainless from Fresh Ventilation fitted my needs perfectly while offering great value compared to alternatives. This is one of the only BAL rated vents currently available in the market and in my opinion an essential choice in a well designed roof ventilation system.

    Laura Fontana (NSW)

    Bush Fire Rated Eave Vent

    Rod Tidey (TAS)
    Bf rated vent

    Great vent , fits well and looks neat

    Roger David (SA)
    Eave Vent - what a breath of fresh air

    This bush fire rated eave vent has it covered. From ease of installation to airflow, cost, pest exclusion, functionality and looks, this vent ticks all the boxes. So glad I found it. Thanks Fresh Ventilation for providing a problem solving and affordable product.