Replacement Air Filters for HRV Ventilation Systems

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Manufacturer: Fresh Ventilation

HRV air filters are necessary to ensure the long life and effective operation of your HRV system. HRV air filters meet international air filter standards.

HRV Compatible F8 Deep Pleat Filter

  • Long-lasting deep pleat filter: Long-lasting filter with incredibly high surface area.

  • Electrostatic: A special blend of fibres with an electrostatic charge which attracts lung-damaging particles.

  • Bacteria resistant: Nano-fibres infused with powerful, natural antibacterial agents.

  • Nano-fibres: New Zealand technology using ultra-thin fibres to capture even the finest dust.

Genuine (HRV) vs Aftermarket (Fresh Ventilation)

The price of genuine HRV filters has risen substantially in recent years. So that we can offer a cheaper alternative, we have had our own filters made to the same specifications. Performance of each filter is identical.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Shopper 66 (VIC)
Replacement hrv air filters

Great customer experience, our system has now had a filter change and full reset, thanks for being so helpful!

Sharon Ralph (NSW)
Great Customer Support

Thankyou for your amazing work and support

Julie (NSW)
HRV replacement filter

I conversed with Claire on which filter would suit our system that was installed several years ago now. She was amazingly helpful and sent two replacement filters. I had to call again to get advice on how to install it. Again Claire was amazing. All is up and running again and I saved them a trip to the south coast NSW, thanks to Claire, her patience and helpful understanding. You did good girlie :-) We are one of the very few that escaped mould issues when near on everyone else down here was getting inundated. Would I recommend them, their systems and their business, ABSOLUTELY!

Maurice Commins (VIC)
Great Filter!

I ordered an aftermarket HRV filter and couldn’t be happier! The product is fantastic and the ordering process was simple and efficient.

Anthony Cauchi (NSW)
Replacing filters

We have had our 3 motor HRV system for around 7 years and it's awesome.
We mainly use it in the winter months to help with condensation on our windows.
We have been noticing the condensation building up more over the past few years.

I decided to check the filters that were looking a little grey and dirty.
I made a call to Claire and she helped me with information about the new Fresh Ventilation filters which I then ordered 3 off, they arrived in a couple of days.
Fitted them and from the first night's use there was zero condensation on our windows.
Very happy and an easy thing to do.
I won't be leaving it 7 years until the next filter change.

Thank you Claire and the HRV team.