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Size: 750mL Trigger Spray

Aeris Mould Pro™

Aeris Mould Pro™ is a triple action cleaner to fight and prevent mould regrowth. Unlike other products or home remedies for mould, Aeris Mould Pro™ works in three ways to not only kill the mould you can see, it also removes stains caused by mould and prevents the regrowth of mould.

It’s suitable for use on a range of surfaces including walls, floors, tiles, carpets, curtains and lounges.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

  • Triple action cleaner
  • Kills mould
  • Removes stains caused by mould
  • Prevents regrowth of mould
  • Australian made
  • TGA approved
  • IICRC Certified Firm.

How Do I Use Aeris Mould Pro™?

For cleaning and disinfection: Spray Aeris Mould Pro™ generously on the surface. Wipe product along the surface to ensure coverage. Leave to dry for effective lasting protection.

For Mould and Mildew Remediation: Spray on the surface to be treated until area is covered with Aeris Mould Pro™. Leave for 10 mins, allowing Aeris Mould Pro™ to penetrate mould, then wipe rigorously with a cloth to remove visible mould and dirt. If rinsing is required, for best lasting protection, repeat application and allow to dry.

Will the Invisible Coating Harm My Surfaces?

No. Aeris Mould Pro™ is compatible with the vast majority of both natural and synthetic surfaces. For soft furnishings, we recommend to spot test first on a small area to ensure that no discolouration occurs.

Does Aeris Mould Pro™ Kill COVID-19?

Yes. Aeris Mould Pro™ is a broad- spectrum antibacterial disinfectant cleaner that kills COVID-19 as well as influenza, norovirus.

Do I Need to Wear Protective Gloves When Using Aeris Mould Pro™?

We recommend you wear protective gloves when using Aeris Mould Pro™ and wash hands thoroughly after use.

Where Should I Use Aeris Mould Pro™?

Aeris Mould Pro™, is best used on large areas to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces where mould, mildew and biofilm is present. For example, use on walls, floors, ceilings and bathrooms to remove the mould and mildew and prevent it re-occuring.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm forms when certain micro-organisms, e.g Bacteria stick to the surface of an object and begin to reproduce. They are is the source of a number of infections to the human body and represent one of the biggest threats to patients in hospital settings as it can increase the bodies resistance to antibiotics.

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Gooch (SA)

Aeris Mould Pro

Steve Mc (NSW)
Aeris Mould Pro is a fantastic product

I had a bad case of black mould on my boat seats after all the rain recently. I tried 3 different products to remove it but was left with bad stains where the mould was. I seen Aeris Mould Pro on the internet and thought it’s worth a try. So glad I did it removed the mould where I had not cleaned yet. But the best was it lightened the stains so much that they are hard to see now. I totally recommend this product if you have mould.