AeroPac Sound Absorbing Wall Ventilator

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Filter: Activated Carbon Filter


Acoustic Air Ventilator to Improve Airflow and Prevent Noise Pollution

Whisper-quiet to operate, our AeroPac® is the best solution to improve both interior air flow and quality while maintaining a quiet setting.

In noise-polluted environments close to airports, rail corridors, freeways and high-density road traffic, the AeroPac® acoustic ventilator maintains a healthy interior environment without you having to crack open a window and expose the room to outside noise.

Already well-proven in numerous large construction projects, the AeroPac® ventilator takes in outside air, removes engine emissions, absorbs airborne noise and silently provides a healthy supply of clean, fresh air.

Using as little energy as a television in standby mode, this device is easy, fast and clean to install and its inconspicuous and contemporary design blends in well with every room: whether it’s a bedroom, children’s room or living room.

Key Benefits

  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year warranty
  • Draught-free and silent ventilation
  • Eliminates external noise almost entirely
  • Encourages well-being and peaceful sleep
  • The new LCD display makes operation easy
  • Variable air quantity control and programmable timer
  • Four filters are available: coarse dust, active carbon, fine dust or pollen filter

Technical Specification

Dimensions 467 x 270 x 132mm
Weight 3.12kg
Effective Air Movement 20-170m3/h
Power Consumption 5 Watts at 60m3/h
Power Supply 240 Volt AC/50Hz, 0.14 Amps
Protection Class II (Double Insulated)
Degree of Protection IP 40
Connecting Cable (In Storage Compartment) 4.5m
Filter Activated Carbon (Dust Filter)
Housing Material ASA

Included Items

  • AeroPac® Ventilator
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • 80x500mm PVC Wall Tube
  • External Louvre Grille

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