Replacement Air Filters for DVS Ventilation Systems

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Model: DVS Standard Helix Wool Filter

DVS air filters are necessary to ensure the long life and effective operation of your DVS system. DVS air filters meet international air filter standards.

DVS Standard Helix Wool Filter

Natural clean air technology made using New Zealand Wool. The MERV15 Helix filter is kinder to the environment and provides superior filtration. The patented Helix filter technology actively cleans the air to remove even the very small particles and airborne pollutants, which other filters may not remove. Resulting in cleaner air for you and your home.

DVS Hybrid Helix Carbon Filter

Do you live in an area that always seems to have a bad smell? The carbon filter is the one for you. Known as the smell stopper, it is perfect for reducing odours that come from surrounding environments before entering the home.

A hybrid carbon filter featuring Helix technology. Suitable for use with all DVS ventilation systems.

Benefits of Helix Filter Technology

  • Class-leading particle capture performance: Harmful particles are captured via the exceptional electrostatic capabilities of Helix MERV15 filters. This same technology has been scientifically developed for industrial, medical and respiratory health sectors.

  • Extremely breathable and super easy air flow: The Helix filter matrix offers superb breathability and much lower air flow resistance supporting a lower energy usage whilst still ensuring high particle removal.

  • Bacteria resistant: Wool fibres within Helix filters naturally resist and reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes on the fibre surface.

  • Natural way to reduce toxins: Natural wool fibres within Helix filters have an affinity for toxic vapours, safely and permanently eliminating them from the air.

  • Safer against fire: Natural wool fibres within Helix filters increase the flame retardancy, ensuring a safer filter in a compromised environment.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Helix filters all contain naturally biodegradable wool fibres making it more environmentally sustainable and better for our planet.

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Philip Pollard (NSW)
Great service, excellent products

Thanks Cameron for your knowledgable advice and for the great service.
We installed the system without difficulty, and had all the materials and equipment in the consignment that we needed.