DIY Air Conditioner Cleaner and Disinfectant

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Formulated for the professional HVAC industry - now available to homeowners!

Antibacterial cleaners kill bacteria but often have little effect on viruses. This DIY cleaner kills both bacteria and viruses leaving your surfaces clean for your family. Commonly called 'microbicidal' - a cleaner that is both antiviral (kills viruses) and antibacterial (kills bacteria). 

This cleaner can be used as a disinfectant and degreaser on most surfaces in your home. It can also be used to clean your air conditioner and surfaces in your car.

Does Your Air Conditioner Smell?

As mould grows it emits microbiological volatile organic compounds (VOC's) which have a negative effect on human health and smell like old socks.

Germs, bacteria and viruses can live in the indoor unit of your air conditioner. Additionally, mould and fungi can build up wherever air comes out into your home.

These mould and fungi particles have little hooks that attach to the walls of your lungs and throat, causing incessant coughing and irritation.

With this DIY cleaner you can clean your own indoor units, filters and coils to eliminate dirt, bacteria and germs.

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Ian Oates (NSW)
The Cleaner

brilliant product with really helpful service

Jeannette Burniston (NSW)
Must have!

Very easy to use and effective!