Infrared (Thermal) Imaging

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Inspection: Ventilation Systems

Infrared (IR) cameras are an indispensable tool for home inspections.  Reading the thermal images produced by an infrared camera during an inspection allows for quick and accurate identification of defects that may not always be immediately apparent to the naked eye.

Areas Serviced

Depending on availability and workload, Fresh Ventilation is able to provide thermal imaging in and around the following areas:

  • Southern Highlands
  • Wollongong
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • South Coast
  • Cooma
  • Snowy Mountains.

Infrared Imaging for Ventilation System Design

Infrared imaging is especially useful for in-home ventilation design, where air leaks, including insulation defects, can reveal cold spots more prone to condensation forming and resulting in mould growth.  After analysing the thermal images produced, Fresh Ventilation can design ventilation systems to solve problems in your home that are not yet visible to the naked eye.  Our customers can also use these detailed thermal images to fix other defects that may be present in their homes (such as insulation gaps, air leaks and leaking water pipes).

Infrared imaging is also a valuable tool for sub floor ventilation design. Upon inspection, thermal images can reveal areas in the sub floor that are colder than the rest.  These areas may be particularly damp or could become problem areas if left untreated. The design of the sub floor ventilation system can take this into account by ensuring that adequate air flow is provided to the problem areas. Additionally, by conducting sub floor inspections on hot days, thermal images can reveal areas of the sub floor where more air leakage occurs.  This knowledge can be used when designing the system by considering the effect of replacement air sources on crossflow ventilation.

Infrared imaging can be used when installing heat transfer systems to ensure that hot air is collected from the most optimal position near the heat source.

Infrared imaging can be used when installing roof ventilation to ensure that whirlybirds are placed in the hottest areas of the roof. 

Infrared Imaging for Inspections

  • Leaks in ductwork for heating and cooling systems.
  • Defective cells in solar systems.
  • Gaps in insulation.
  • Air leakage around windows.
  • Leaking water pipes.
  • Building perimeter leaks.
Please feel free to Contact Us if you think we can help solve a problem with thermal imaging.