IntelliSwitch All-in-One Bathroom Controller for Lights, Fans and Heated Towel Rails

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EC Motor Fan Version: Yes

All-in-One Bathroom Controller (ST-BC)

Our newest All-in-One Bathroom Controller is now available. These fully automate the lights, fans and towel rail in your bathroom whilst still giving you full manual control. 

The ST-BC is a fully automated bathroom light, fan and towel rail controller using 4 sensors to make your bathroom the smartest it can be. Using humidity, temperature, light and movement sensors this new IntelliSwitch allows full manual or fully automated operation of the lights, fan and towel rail in your bathroom. It has a battery backup in case of power outages and it all fits within a standard light switch plate. A big step forward in bathroom automation.


  • 4 inbuilt sensors monitor activity in the bathroom.
  • Light sensor to detect if it's day or night. LED's dim automatically at night. Movement activated fan automation can be disabled at night.
  • Humidity sensor to detect shower operation. Fan and/or towel rail can be automated by a sharp increase in humidity.
  • PIR movement sensor to detect activity. Lights and/or fan can be automated by movement.
  • Temperature sensor to detect room temperature. Towel rail can be automated by low temperatures.
  • 4 relay outputs allowing for the future requirement for bathroom fans to run continuously on a low speed and then as needed at a high speed.
  • An EC controlled version is available offering multi speed fan operation.
  • Low power consumption electronics.
  • Designed and made in New Zealand.
  • Battery backed real time clock gives power outage protection for up to a week.
  • Automated operation of the lights, fan and towel rail but always with manual over rides.
  • No touching of the switch is required if used in automatic modes once set up.
  • Easy to install.
  • 2 years in development and testing.

EC Motor Fan Version

The Normal Version switches the fan on at 100% speed whenever the chosen sensors are activated (manually upon button press, automatically after a sharp increase in humidity, or automatically when movement is detected). The fan is switched off at all other times.

The EC Motor Fan Version runs the fan at 25% speed all the time (when the normal version would be switched off). Whenever the chosen sensors are activated (manually upon button press, automatically after a sharp increase in humidity, or automatically when movement is detected) the fan is boosted to 100% speedThe EC Motor Fan Version requires a fan with an EC motor (it will not work with a normal fan).

The EC Motor Fan Version requires the fan to be connected slightly differently. Instead of using the 240 VAC terminal labelled 'Fan' on the back of the controller, the fan should be powered directly from the 240 VAC house phase and neutral. The two EC speed wires from the fan (usually red and yellow) should be connected to the 10 VDC terminals labelled 'EC Fan' on the back of the controller.

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Customer Reviews

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Martin Doll (VIC)

Very fast delivery and easy to install - Thanks

Bruce Hill (NSW)

IntelliSwitch Smart Timers

Joseph Spe (NSW)
The easy use switch

Our heat towel rail (9 years old) was controlled by an ECO switch witch you needed to turn a control switch on off on off to adjust length of time, amount of heating etc which had become difficult as u needed to do this every time the power went out. But now either the IntelliSwitch it’s so easy just one button and the built in LEDs show you exactly what setting your have the timer set at.
Thanks Joe

colin benwell (SA)
Smart Timer

very quick delivery excellent service... I am a returning customer
and a qualified electrician.. Great product

Blake Jarrett (QLD)
Perfect solution

I purchased 5 of the IntelliSwitch GPO's for installation within a PCB manufacturing lab to prevent soldering irons being left on for extended periods of time, the units worked perfectly and are simple to use! Highly recommend!