Bush Fire Rated Low Profile Roof Vent (BAL-40)

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Colorbond Colour: Monument
Size: 125/150mm

This new series of Low Profile Roof Vents is an unobtrusive way to vent out via the roof. It is an alternative to the traditional cowl vent format (made of flashing, pipe and a cowl vent) and can look much more attractive on your rooftop.

Choose from 2 sizes – 125/150mm and 150/200mm. Each includes 2 neck adapters so you simply choose the one that suits your requirements.


  • Low profile design.

  • Easier and faster to install than traditional cowl, pipe and flashing.

  • Metal construction for maximum durability and longevity.

  • Compliant with AS3959 for bush fire zones up to BAL-40.

  • Compatible with both tiled and metal roofs.

  • Aerodynamic design to resist rain and wind.

  • 2mm aperture steel mesh keeps rodents and pests out of ducting and ensures BAL compatibility.

  • Comes in a variety of popular colours to match your roof colour.

  • May be used as either an air intake or exhaust vent.

  • Can be painted.


  • 2 sizes: 125/150mm version has a 150mm opening, 150mm neck and a 125mm adapter; and 150/200mm version has a 200mm opening, 200mm neck and 150mm adapter.

  • 580x600mm 0.6mm aluminium base is suitable for most roofs.

  • 0.6mm powder coated steel dome.

  • Aerodynamic design to resist rain and wind. The curved and overhanging top protects from wind and rain penetration.

  • An internal deflector also protects from water entering the circular opening in the base.

  • Hidden tile installation strap secures the vent to a roof batten to protect from high winds.

  • Neck or adapter twists into base for easy attachment of ducting (semi rigid or aluminium foil).

Potential Applications

  • Venting of exhaust fans under National Construction Code

  • Venting of rangehoods.

  • Inlet or outlet for heat transfer units.

  • Generalroofventilation.


  • Solid metal construction for longevity.

  • Sleek, low profile design is much less obtrusive than traditional styles.

  • Multiple uses.

  • Variety of colours to blend with the roof.

  • Very easy to install.

  • Can be used in bushfire areas.

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