LUNOS Nexxt Decentralised Energy/Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

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Model: Nexxt-E Enthalpy ERV
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The Evolution in Decentralised Ventilation

LUNOS, the company that confirmed its position as a market leader in decentralised ventilation with the highly successful e2, has now opened up the decentralised market with the introduction of the Nexxt. The Nexxt is a decentralised heat recovery unit which can be used in kindergartens, schools, offices, hotels, and of course in homes and apartments. The Nexxt is also suitable for use in regions where large wind loads prevail, and when there is a need for additional sound proofing. With the optional use of an F9 filter, the Nexxt exceeds all standards of hygiene many times over.

The LUNOS Nexxt-E is a decentralised energy recovery ventilation (ERV) unit achieving a heat recovery rate of up to 85%. It is specially designed for larger spaces, not only homes but commercial spaces such as schools, offices, hotels and hospitals.

Heat transfer is made via an enthalpy heat exchanger. Power input commences as low as 5W and volume flows of over 100 m³/h can be generated.

As standard, the Nexxt-E introduces a new operating concept: automated control via humidity and temperature sensors.


LUNOS Two-Way Outer Hood

A two-channel outer screen with built-in insect protection mesh. It's weatherproof so that it can be installed outdoors. Fresh air is drawn in one side while stale air is exhausted out the other side.

LUNOS Nexxt Installation Housing

This houses the Nexxt ventilation unit containing the heat recovery core and EC fans. A surface mount kit is included, but the housing can be flush mounted in the wall if desired.

LUNOS Nexxt-E Ventilation Unit with Enthalpy Heat Exchanger and EC Centrifugal Fans

This is the key component of the Nexxt. The enthalpy heat exchanger achieves heat recovery levels of up to 85%. Equipped with humidity and temperature sensors, the automatic control ensures efficient ventilation with humidity protection. Nestled in a flow-optimised EPP chassis, the EC motors, which are already very quiet, are virtually "silenced".

LUNOS Nexxt Inner Screen with Control Panel and Filter Change Indicator

All of the controls are on an easily accessible and elegant front screen. This screen provides clear but subtle feedback with backlighting. The backlighting level can be adjusted or disabled altogether. Replacable filters are available for filter classes M5, F7 and F9.

Wall Duct with 160mm Wall-Tubes

The standard LUNOS 160mm wall-tube is used for the single wall penetration to the external environment and combines both the air inlet and outlet within one wall penetration.

Features and Benefits

LUNOS decentralised energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems provide fresh, clean air to your building, without losing valuable heat (or coolth). Decentralised systems do not require ducting, and are therefore typically much easier to install. This makes them perfect for retro-fittings, or buildings that simply do not have space to install a centralised ducting system.

For a new build, or an existing home with ample access to a roof or floor cavity, centralised systems may be more suitable.

Low Operation Noise Due to EC Motor Fan Technology

  • The radial EC motors of the Nexxt-E are market leading centrifugal fans. Nestled in a flow-optimised EPP (expanded polypropylene) chassis, the EC motors, which are already very quiet, are virtually "silenced". The Nexxt-E is currently one of the quietest units in its class.
  • Smaller and lower power fans make less noise than larger and more powerful centralised systems.

Maximum Noise Protection

  • Due to intelligent design and internal baffling a maximum sound attention level of 56 dB can be achieved. This allows the Nexxt-E to be used in areas with high external noise levels (and even at airports).


  • Thanks to its very low power consumption, the Nexxt-E is very energy-efficient, thus making an active contribution to environmental protection.
  • The highly efficient EC technology enables low power consumption.
  • The ductless system leads to an inherently lower pressure drop, which requires smaller fans, and generally results in a more efficient system.

Heat Recovery and Control Technology

  • The key component of the Nexxt-E is the built-in device with an enthalpy heat exchanger.
  • The enthalpy heat exchanger achieves heat recovery levels of up to 85% (73% according to EN 13141-8 at 77 m³/h).
  • The integrated control provides for perfect interaction.
  • Equipped with humidity and temperature sensors for automatic control, the Nexxt-E ensures efficient ventilation with humidity protection.
  • Optional sensors (such as a CO2 sensor) can be integrated.

The Nexxt-E Installation Housing Can Be Used Universally

  • The Nexxt-E can be installed surface-mounted or flush-mounted (both options included).
  • The included surface-mount kit is designed for installation on the outer wall and has a stylish design frame which makes it visually appealing.
  • The flush-mounted version requires a wall thickness of at least 280 mm.

Other Benefits

    With no complicated ducting runs required, the decentralised systems are quick and easy to install.
    Decentralised systems are the perfect solution if your building design does not allow space for a large centralised unit.
    The units can be installed in areas where ducting may not be able to travel.
    Because the units are independent, in the unlikely event that one unit fails, the other units in the team will have you covered.




Heat Exchanger Type

Enthalpy ERV

Maximum Efficiency


Typical Efficiency (at 70% Reference Volume Flow)


Air Flow

15 - 110 m3/h


What Makes Fresh Ventilation Different

Fresh Ventilation is a family owned and operated business. Our main business has specialised in the installation of premium quality ventilation systems for over 10 years.

Our focus is on premium products and expert advice to create ventilation systems that actually work.

All of our kits include:

Personal installation maps tailored to your home.

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One-on-one telephone and/or FaceTime conversations to help you with installing your system.

Installation photos and videos outlining best practices and things to avoid.

Ventilation System Installation

Customer Reviews

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Chris Moriarty (NSW)
Best end to end product and service experience!

I recently purchased a LUNOS Nexxt ventilation for installation into an airtight music studio. Cameron was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in providing the right advice to meet my needs. The product was at my front door in less than 24 hours from my original inquiry and absolutely meets the brief for my circumstances. Amazing service and product and very comforting to have a 2 year warranty.

Phillip Brazel (ACT)
Just what we needed, Lunos NEXXT G

Hi Cameron, I installed the Lunos NEXXT G yesterday. We have the Airthings wave view. Every night the CO2 would go over 1000-1200. Had the unit running last night and woke up and the CO2 is 745. For 2 people this unit is more than enough, even running at half capacity. Very pleased with the purchase. Have attached a couple pics. Please feel free to add this email to your reviews if you wish. Will order some filters soon, Cheers Phill

Paul Favretti (NSW)
Great Product

Easy to Install