Mixed Flow Extractor Fans: Vortice Lineo ES (EC Motors)

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Size: 150mm

Vortice Lineo Mixed Flow Extractor Fans

  • Enclosures made of fire resistant plastic resin, E2 class, according with ISO EN 11925-2: 2010, in areas close to motor and electrical components.
  • Nominal diameter 150mm.
  • EC (brushless) motor, thermally protected, with shaft mounted on ball bearing supports, coupled with a centrifugal impeller.
  • High water resistance: IPX5 (if installed in a duct).
  • Equipped with a thermal fuse overheating safety device.
  • Speed adjustable through optional potentiometer (0-10V signal).
  • Long life 30,000 hour motor.
  • Double insulated housing (does not require an earth).
  • Made in Italy.
  • 2 Year Warranty.


Hard Wired

  • Requires an electrician for hard wire installation.
  • A switch can be installed for 2 speed operation (requires an electrician).

2 Pin Plug and Lead (Optional)

  • Plug and play operation in a standard power point or socket outlet.

0-10V Variable Speed Controller (Optional)

  • Includes a 0-10V potentiometer for infinitely variable speed control.
  • 0-10V potentiometer can be removed from the fan and extended for remote installation elsewhere.

150mm Specifications

100% Speed (10V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 55 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 590  m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 433.5 Pa.
  • RPM: 2,480.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 41.9 dB(A).

80% Speed (8V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 34 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 500 m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 222.6 Pa.
  • RPM: 2,125.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 35.5 dB(A).

60% Speed (6V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 17 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 370 m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 135.3 Pa.
  • RPM: 1,595.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 27.2 dB(A).

40% Speed (4V)

  • Maximum absorbed power: 11 W.
  • Maximum delivery: 290 m³/h.
  • Pressure max: 83.4 Pa.
  • RPM: 1,260.
  • Sound pressure Lp 3m breakout: 21 dB(A).


  • 214.5mm width (A).
  • 265mm height (B).
  • 294mm length (C).
  • 146mm duct attachment flange diameter (D).
  • 2.6kg weight.


  • Vortice Lineo 150 ES.

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